CIU version 139

So what do you think if you don’t expect that you will crash into an “indestruction” enemy? Mass Condenser is used to crash into an enemy that it’s too hard to defeat it (especially is the boss), so this could be an accident if you crash into a “can be destroyed” enemy. As your example about crashing into a chick, that’s because of player’s skill. They won’t want to crash into a small enemy in a Chicken Invasion wave. If they have, that’s because of “skill issue”, as our community always said.

And you should know that mostly player use Mass Condenser to crashing into a boss, for supporting other players in a multiplayer room. That’s why i think Mass Condenser should not be counted down if you crashed into an indestructive enemy, as i explained from my previous post. If players bring Mass Condenser into a mission that isn’t Boss Rush/Double Team, they will use Mass Condenser to crashing into the boss after a while until reaching that boss wave.


literally skill issue
use it properly, rather than adjust it to specific usage
if you want to change it that bad, i guess a bind to enable/disable it in gameplay could work

and please, don’t use high difficulty to scale everything

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ironic because the idea is to learn not to die on it if it’s hard, not die on it more

it was nerfed to be a mountable because 150,000 extra crash damage (3 mass condensers stacked) is too strong for a perishable. plus, that’ll just make boss rushes pointless if you’ll just crash into them all with infinite lives as a ghost


They may not to do that by playing “One player” multiplayer mode. Instead of that, someone will try to do that in other multiplayer rooms, and then they leave the room and join again (i could say that this is called by “spam” join/leave a multiplayer room).

So how about low difficulty? Player can shoot the enemies and kill them without using Mass Condenser, because your weapon still have enough power to shoot the enemies.

I wonder that how many players still using this item. I’m not talking about myself, i’m talking about the community. There are a lot of item ingame, and which items are the players using often, or rarely? And also why don’t they use that item (actually, never, it’s true). You can ask this thing with your community, asking this in Forum isn’t enough to tell you anything exactly.
(well, not only Mass Condenser, i think there are some items that Player is rarely (or never) to buying or using)

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Rarely, Mass Condenser I found it really useless nowadays.
I can doubt that only quests are the thing give them purpose to spend keys for it.

Actually, CI2 sarge chicken looks a bit weird with teeth added IMO, but I will still go with that vote, because, as other said, the game doesn’t have to be realistic.

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only thing is that as a ghost, you can’t get keys nor score (as of now) so multiplayer is useless with 1 live mass condensers loadout
although it works with spam join, its still not profitable and as well as time consuming.

goofy ah sarge chicken tho


So how should i say about this?

Hero Academy - under the management of UHF, has a mission that training people that learning at this into the fighting pilot. They train us how to drive the spaceship, how to use an item and how to against Henpire. UHF also give us Quest to training our skill (such as taking Point, using items, etc…) And now, Mass Condenser - which only be activated by crashing into something, Player need to crash into something to complete a quest !!! Is this completely opposite with anything we had been trained in the academy - as we try not to be sacrificed because of crashing into those evil chickens in the battle???

For the first time ever in CI History:

The chicken now have teeth.

I think it’s too specific to make a change on this. No one will ram into an indestructible barrier to see the smallest details.

At the exact moment, I’m sure no one will drag their mouse crazily after respawning just to waste their keys.
If you worry about Mass Condenser being wasted for nothing then upon any circumstances you should not bring any of them at all.

Indestructible barrier is just an example, as i said “indestructible” enemy, which means including UCO’s hand, Crab’s hand, etc…
And do you think that you can make sure not to hit into those thing. Maybe it’s not me, but it will… for other players. UCO’s hand can even hit you while you move around the bottom edge of screen. Crab’s hand… accident in Double Team could be more often. And more.

I wonder how many players like using Mass Condenser. I wish i can see a list like we can see how many items did each equipment (Lives, Mass, Magnet,…) be used in game, or how often do those equipment (not only Mass) be used.

Even the birds now have teeth.:smirk:


It seems that “$ 1,99” has a space but the other prices don’t have spaces, as it is in the picture below:

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I reviewed the code and this is indeed possible. I could re-arrange the order of execution to fix this, but at the danger of introducing very subtle bugs elsewhere. Allowed.

There’s no space – it’s just a kerning issue.


Chiller was the first chicken with chattering teeth.


At least that made some sense with the model.

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Oh, I didn’t notice that xd

So uh, iA, what about this error? Is it on the line to fix, or messy to fix?

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They’re :woman_shrugging:

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Due to this fixed bug, does Knockout Match today need to be reseted or not? I think someone will fly Knockout match before updating v140 today, which have Bossa Nova boss.

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Each knockout match is unique, so even if Bossa Nova boss appears for a pair of players, it won’t appear for everyone. Resetting the day would cause more problems.