Early Access version 64


In Energy Fences wave baloon chickens cause this.

I actually suggested it before & iA said he added it on the list.

Actually, looking at the code this seems more like an oversight to me, so I’ve gone the other way and enabled custom backgrounds in both these cases. :medal_sports: Bug

Fixed in v.65 :medal_sports: Bug

I don’t think that would look very good, considering the UI backplane is just a solid untextured color.

Changed in v.65 :medal_sports: Idea

It’s already bigger in the messages. You mean at the mission outcome screen? I don’t want to special-case it.

I had another look and I can’t do that easily, sorry.

Fixed in v.65 :medal_sports: Bug


Yea, I want “Mission Time” to be shown more special in the mission final results(in Space Race only), like how “Final Score” is more bigger.

Actually me & Sufi reported it before:


sad I noticed this before but i thought it was intentional noises

Thanks, if that’s the case it’s understandable.

Nah, I suggested it updates before.


Umm, I don’t know if it’s a problem or no, but players at wormholes [that I didn’t explore and not in my contact list] are showing in the map.

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I think this is because wormholes in the galaxy have incorrect bounds. It should solve itself when galaxy is regenerated.


if you switch screen type during a mission (windowed -> borderless, etc.) when you reach the end and go to the debriefing, it’ll play the intense for a split second and then quiet?

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Can the highlight word (Example: Cake) will be customized with highlight color?


When will 120th became to 121?

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man its 122th now

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Maybe it’ll be removed entirely

Or just rename it to The Retrocluck™


can you add 5 red lasers on it’s The mother ship boss? in 75%-85%
and 7 red lasers on 100%-140%?

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Either Yolk be bigger or gaps be smaller, good idea.

So you want spread CI4 mother hen?

well ye the egg one not the 8-bit the umbrealla