CIU version 137

@InterAction_studios can you tell me what you think about this?

And this?

I also sent you a message talking about the Halloween skins for ci4 bosses.

Same thing here…

Maybe. But now is not the time.

The Discourse forum software was updated recently, which caused all of the users to be logged out.


Forgot to mention my name in the thread “Known bugs and new features”.

@InterAction_studios For some reason Asteroids does not have trails but in Magentic boss and Anniversary have, can you have a look?

well at least on low quality no trails at asteroids.

This is by design. There are two types of rocky asteroids: with smoke, or without.



Ok can you add ciu summer event which will cause leotards,naked chicken :rofl::rofl::rofl: also can you add number of prople who viewed my profile and acess to check who are they in next forum update?

A Summer Edition for next year would be really cool

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Ye lol like it getting cold in here boss when i turn him into naked chicken :joy:

Can iA add a warning text that remind the players when they don’t set their booster to their ship? As we knew, a Flagship must have these thing: Reactor > Engine > Heat Sink > Weapon. That means it doesn’t say anything to the booster, and you know it’s very difficult if we don’t use any booster (except you have good skill issue)

Show names in Multiplayers

  • PC: “Tab” key
  • Phone: Show names button in UI

People aren’t dumb enough to not equip booster so adding that isn’t necessary

So your mean is playing the game without booster is very impossible, as you said like that?

Sorry, i don’t understand. Can you elaborate?

Playing CIU without booster may possible if you have enough patient and good dodge skill issue
A warning text should be added to remind a player if they forget, or they want to tryhard their challenges. Of course you can click “No” if you forget to set your booster, or click “Yes” if you decide to continue playing the game without booster.

Wasn’t it could be annoying if it was added? Like, if we forgot to mount booster, then it would displayed each time.

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Well, players rarely forget to set their booster to the flagship, because this is become our habits (that means we often set the booster beside setting Weapon, Heat Sink, Reactor and Engine). So the warning text is used for the case someone forget.