CIU version 144

More revelations:


Now that s it icons got better

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You really did a great job in improving the UI, iA :>


This update seems to be veryyy useful and great

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nice ui improvement! :3

Can we see this for a moment?


In my opinion, each letter of the word “Universe” that is a little closer to each other is easier to read.

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I love it!

i changed the dare results ui :3
added the “view waves” for the sake of my memory loss :skull:

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since when did ci have an instagram and tiktok

plus videos aren’t even consistent, your posts are mostly on new updates on the game (excluding yt)

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It’s a part of broader effort to make the game more known. Read the thread with my replies in this topic for context:

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is it just me or multiplayer is crashed?


Works for me.



oh well, that takes a few time to can work

Edited: it works now.

IA can you make a feature that allows to customize length and width of letterbox (both PC and android).

A simple idea for contacts:

When being a player has inactive for 3-6 months or 1 year, does can add the notification to the player is came back to the game?


All right, I’m making a poll for this.

  • Great
  • Good
  • Neutral
  • Bad
  • Just Plain Chicken Poop
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Just a minor idea, there will be a character limit for anything in the premise of using your keyboard (callsign, ship name, squadron name, contacts etc…), you will also receive a warning for exceeding the limit.


good idea

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How can that be true? You see I can dare players with 0 green dots and according to iA that means at least 8 days of inactivity (in the League). Furthermore, if it is impossible to dare someone with 3 or more days of inactivity what is the point of more than 3 green dots? @InterAction_studios what is the purpose of the activity scale if not to determine which player is available to be challenged? When does a player become inactive (as you can see there are inactive players with 3 and 4 green dots)? What is the difference between two players with 0 green points (why can one be challenged and the other not)?