Early Access version 69

I made a new logo of enemy health. Shouldn’t this be replace to the blow one (the orginal)?

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Can you hide the emails in account section?
Reason: if im streaming the game, i cant change accounts without revealing my email
Solution: add the callsign as the account, and when clicking an account, add a button
called “show email”

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Are you pertaining to remove an email option in the account section?

Emails are very important because it will keep your account and your callsign for a lifetime. A guest account might be deleted if you use it often. So it is important to have an email account when playing CIU

To hide is not to remove

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@InterAction_studios, i found a crash in space race.

in wave 25 this crash happened wave name : shoot and loot
also @MNaeemi777 how did you completed space race?
says : uncaught std:: map does not contain key (find).


I noticed that after clicking on a planet and changing themes, the planet stats keep the old text color until you click on the planet again
after changing
after clicking again


Magic Flute

iA I managed to capture The Magic Flute Pecking Order bug in a gif but I can’t upload it for some reason, see:

It’s just transparent, why’s that? Where else should I upload it? Any solutions?

You can test it out yourself if you want, it’s wave 3 at Space Race.

@Star_Light no need to ping me I already saw your crash, I was flying it to record the bug above and to see if the crash will to happen to me too.

EDIT: I passed wave 25 at Space Race, the crash didn’t happen to me, yay.

EDIT2: I finally got it:


Don’t know why the chicks’ color is bad, lol. But at least I got it.

Now look at the top-right, you’ll notice that the Pecking Order sign appeared which means I equipped the HUD. Also each 4-enemy group has a Pecking Order, even if I missed a Pecking Order the sign appears at the next one, just wanted to let you know.

How about you make a higher sound play the more balloons you destroy at once?


did your time reached 11:15?
maybe it is for 11:15

No, it’s 10:54. Also don’t use Photon Swarm use Positron Stream, it’s better :wink:

iA, this crash reported by @Star_Light
has the same error as the one reported by Kaizo during the asteroids wave. Maybe it’s because the game was trying to make those enemies spawn keys while they’re not meant to or something?

I think it’s just you. I ran the mission 5 times and nothing happened.

i think it is for the time that reached 11 minutes and 15 seconds.
try this. will it happen?

No matter how much time elapsed. I don’t know what’s the issue, sorry.

10:50 :+1:

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On high difficulties crab’s lasers sound overlap and cancel each other at V attack. Or is it attack which is too short?

And there is one thing with zoom: you can’t use ‘+’ and ‘-’ if the planet is selected, but you can use mouse wheel for some reason.


Maybe that’s why I passed it W+Iron Chef at Double Team without dying, lol.

I feel like since “Bonus Challenge” got renamed to “Treasure Shower” it appears more often, like at Space Race it appeared twice, and at Weekly Challenge it appeared 2 times at the 2nd stage.

Could “No death” medals worth more points than “No Special Weapons” medals? Because it’s harder to lose than use special weapons, for example when you lose you also lose firepower.

Why normal dare and friendly dare’s missions are different even though they’re at same difficulty?

Part of Mysterious Ship still appears onscreen when it spawns at Double Team:

Are the colors of Big Chickens the same at “Show’em Who’s Boss” and Ironman Double Team? Because there’s a yellow Big Chicken at this Ironman but not at this wave:

It was renamed permanently?

Yeah I know, it happened to appear more since this update, I think because of the rename, but why did you add a “?” at the end? Is that a question or an answer?

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A rhetorical question

I’ve seen some of the newer games actually use the side mouse buttons for navigation in menus, similarly to browsers, where the closer button goes back a page (like an esc button in game menus). Could that be implemented here?

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