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If so, I think you calculated this wrong. If you use 2 weapons in the ratio of 0,75 : 0,25, that’s mean the 0,75 will be 1% and 0,25 will be 1% x (0,25/0,75) = 0,(3)%, which result in the total bonus of 1,33% instead.

And, as I pointed out in the previous post, every ratio 0,75 : x : y : z… will result in the bonus of 1,33%, regardless of how unbalanced is x : y : z… and how many weapons else you used.

Reset all mission leaderboards. I think it is very good for me to rematch Key Rush , because Key Rush never play 2nd again .

I think this can’t be happening. Imagine someone has a lot of fuel, and yes he’ll play all keyrush mission per month. So i guess this can’t be accepted, you have to know that Keyrush mission was become only-mission from a long time to prevent of spawming too much keys for each person themselves (i don’t know which exactly version had this change)

I mean, that can only be done once per month.
Plus with the cost it takes to travel back and forth, and extra cost for items to do the levels, the Key Insights, that all factors in too.

Also, if they can do this, they’re definitely at the very late game phase at that point - they have to have already explored everything once, which meant spending a ton of keys on just fuel alone - which meant that they have either done tons and tons of missions beforehand, or bought a ton of keys via IAP, both of which are good for the game. Plus, those who are at this phase typically has keys to spare regardless, so I don’t think they’d be doing much of this, except maybe to get like 10 rich-in-key medals. 1 mil keys though, good luck with that.

Though to be able to pull this off - you’ll most likely have to have played a lot, and I mean a lot, of this game. It’s not like any new player can just waltz in here and win levels in the 100% difficulty scale, even with all the gear they’ve bought. (All key rush levels scales towards 100% at some point)

I am pretty sure this is a change to how the game does enemy-projectile collisions in general, not a change applied on a weapon by weapon basis.

No, that’s specifically for the Anniversary.

In your method, have you considered how the total bonus increases/decreases when adding one more weapon to the pool? For example, say that you have used 3 different weapons so far, and they are all perfectly balanced 1:1:1 (or, if you prefer 0.33:0.33:0.33). Now you pick up a 4th weapon, which you only get to use for a few seconds. Does your final bonus increase or decrease?

The total bonus must be monotonic with respect to the number of weapons used, otherwise you’re discouraging picking up new weapons (which is the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve).

We could calculate it in the Compare screen, I guess.

That’s known and the same class of glitch as so many others:

All weapons do.

Because it’s exactly the same class of message. It could be changed, but it’s messy and low-priority.

When talking about Extra Lives though, this is not “extra”. Your extra lives are zero in this case.


A large part of the database assumes that assignments are unique, so that is not an easy change.

I could delete all Key Rush mission histories (which would make them re-playable one more time), but that would throw the “Missions Completed” in the Information Overlay. You’d see numbers more than 100% :frowning:

Interesting idea, but it would only take a few hours before a list of all locations was made public each month, and everyone would swarm to them.


This week is just Budget Constraints, bug? Or random?

i have an idea with this wave

right now the eggs only hide the laser alien, and i think the addition of fester and chick + chickens in ufos would make the surprise nastier and less predictable

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Already suggested and denied.


So how about other missions? We can play those mission again and again more time, right? So i think let Keyrush mission just like other mission. I mean, you can understand like this: Those Keyrush played-mission will be flied ONE more time, and you have to make sure that the result of those mission still be kept. After we play those Keyrush played-mission, we can’t play it anymore ultil next time (depend on each updated version in the future). Yes, just like other missions which you can play many times

That’s why i used the word “Unlock” before

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May I interest you in my VR training simulation theory?

It’s one of many evidences for my theory that in CIU we actually play as trainees in VR. So this way you can replay all the bosses even though they are dead and you can buy lives even though in real life you wouldn’t have that chance.
About Extra Lives - #15 by kokokokos

some new backgrounds :skull_and_crossbones:
how about that one…could be fit well …it will be a little diffrent!


It’s a really bad randomizer run. I see that it’s going to all be Budgets until the 29th (Pot Luck) :frowning:

Yes, but it only counts your first victory in the stats. If I delete the history, it’s going to count it twice.

Or perhaps you’re just playing a game? :smirk:


Ah i understand. A victory mission will be counted to the process of all mission the galaxy, right?

Hmm, this is too hard for you. If there are too much things arise from the change for keyrush, i have 2 ways for you:
1- Can you reset those keyrush mission like “reset data” ? That’s mean player will lose anything collected from that mission (like medals, keys, foods, scores,…). Yes i know, this is so crazy because this may cause key and food count to negative number. So idk do everyone agree with this? :neutral_face:
2- Do reset all keyrush mission like @ChickenGaming said before (but don’t do that in per month because someone will spawm too much keys each month) in here:

P/s: We have to promise together that we should’t hope to reset galaxy to get new keyrush missions :grimacing:

Changing missions in planets doesn’t deserve a galaxy-wide reset though.

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Yes, i know
It’s unnecessary, right?

Irrelevant, cuz people can’t fly this mission again. Taking their collections away would be a shame specially for those players who played all keys rushes.

Just a weird suggestion:
What if there’s a super rare chance to see a secret level where chests appear instead of meteors in Meteor Storm?

It’s a secret…

Fair point. I was too focused on the balance instead of variousity. But I still think you should have some more rework to improve the mechanism. Because:

You defined the bonus only by the ratio of the most used weapon. This is reasonable, because if you use more weapons and more balanced, that value will tend to be smaller, which result in a larger total bonus. But it’s isn’t all-rounded yet, as I pointed out above.

It’s hard to find a function showing both number of weapons used and how unbalanced are their usages. I will try later.


That’s boring. Unless you meant that the hero himself is playing a game in VR along other recruits.

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