Early Access version 112

What do you mean?

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What I mean is, I don’t know what was the point of you pinging IA in that reply.

Because I don’t need report any problem

That’s all


First This is unnecessary to ping IA for case like this.
second if you have an off topic thing to say to someone. PM exists.


IA,will EA finish in next version ?

of course no. he meant removing that EA watermark from the main menu screen.


Both of your name on forum look almost the same lol.


but not much

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help me. i cant connect

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Try reconnect again the game works good for me.

Check your internet and programs running

Hello, this is my idea about Space Race.
First, you can prepare anything except special weapons, perishables, coolant canister, speedy recovery (bonus special weapons, perishables, coolant canister if compare to current mission)
Second, wave insight will be banned.
Third, you can’t fly mission with any BXs, VFs or H&Cs, Use Muller ships (M400, M404, M408) to fly mission.
Fourth, you can play mission with only 3 times. After 3 times, you can’t play Space Race anymore until new Space Race come.
And that’s all, thanks for reading.
I hope it will be more fair to everyone.

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Why in the world would you restrict a challenge like this to be played only 3 times at most? Let’s not, please.
Not that the rest of the idea is any better.
Not sure what your goal is, but if it’s making the game less p2w then you’re literally doing the opposite by preventing anyone who doesn’t have mullers from playing it.
Edit:oops. Reread it and saw that you’re saying the point is making it more fair. Which, well, it’s not if some players won’t even be able to play the challenge lol.
Anyways I’d suggest simply randomizing every single bit of equipment every challenge, and the equipment would be the same for all players during the given challenge(obv cosmetics can still be equipped as usual). Goes for all challenges, not just space races. This would not only makes the game less grindy(or p2w if you prefer to say it that way, even tho I feel like it’s not p2w. Just grindy), but it would spice up the challenges. You’d have to adapt to whatever items you’re given.


Nice idea. But i want to adding some my opinion here about Space Race, which depend on @PinkG suggestion:

Instead of flying Space Race again but limited in 3 times, my opinion is: Add penalty times when you play Space Race again (like the missions in the planet with Penalty scores)

I also want to add the Penalty scores, keys or food to some mission to make sure there will no happening “exploit” again and make sure the “seriously” of the competitive misssion (except Daily Mission), especially is Galactic Cup

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Clearly not. I just removed the text because it serves no real purpose (the original purpose was that could tell the game version from looking at a screenshot, but hardly anyone reports bugs with screenshots from the galaxy anymore)


The point of this change is to make the wave finish sooner if you’ve already gone past the last barrier. Grand Prix moves much faster, so the practical benefit of doing this is minimal.


A bit of a silly suggestion, but:

When you beat your previous high score on a mission, or get top 10 on a mission, the game says “New Record!” and/or “New High Score!” on the results screen


This isn’t much better. Why would you restrict the amount of times you can play space race? It’s nonsense.

What are you talking about?


Might sounds very unfair, but can you let non-CHL players fly Double Team missions with -50% score and no Skill allowed?