Early Access version 84

Because it’s the only(?) wave where enemies are created progressively (and not all at once). So if anything happens during the wave to cause the randomizer to become out of sync, enemies will change from that point onward.



It’s on my list, but I need write code to reset spacecraft names first (it doesn’t exist)

Changed in v.85 :medal_sports: Idea, however I think this might create bug reports similar to “I didn’t get the clean sweep even though I killed all enemies”. The underlying issue is that special weapons are no longer just missiles, so using a special weapon doesn’t necessarily mean you kill all enemies (or, in fact, any of them).


What doesn’t exist?


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iA, at Chicks ‘n’ Chickens wave(zoomed-out variation): The big group in the middle need to be reduced by -1 phase because it’s making the wave longer. Also its initial appearance is making the Pecking Order hard to get.

Well, I agree, although iA said this once:


Ok, thanks for informing.

Also this change confuse me:

Does that mean we have to explore the galaxy again? There will be new missions? Because I don’t get the “same seed” part.

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Although the Destruction meter are now fades out, the meter bar are still getting the way to look. Maybe make the meter bar a little fade out?

Regarding galaxy regeneration… Will the current mission locations be obsolete?

Changed in v.85 :medal_sports: Idea

No. Nothing has changed, as far as players are concerned.

Hmm… No.


Also “Gladiator” wave is too long, it should be reduced -2 groups(no medal needed).

I have an idea
when it is april fools day instead of playing the regular title screen play the old chicken invaders 2 theme

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Huh. why would you need it, the progress meter has some shadow bar lines too

Changed in v.85


Does declining the dare still penalize you? If it does, perhaps make it so that you’ll only lose 50%, as if you just left the dare alone for 3 days.

But if making it not penalize the player was intended, that’ll be great.

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Thanks iA, could you please add my name next to the change? Yes, I don’t want the medal but I would like to get credited.

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Today I dared someone with 100% difficulty, but I got Intermediate Campaign Trophy, instead of Very Hard one.

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what type of mission is that and how long it is? (determined by number of waves)

Type of that mission and duration don’t matter. %100 difficulty counts as Very Hard (without using higher skills). That was a 9-wave Chicken Invasion.

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There’s no penalty.


Duration does matter. When it comes to trophies, very short missions (shorter than 50% of maximum length) get penalized.


Here I go again…

I also suggest that all 4 pods of the Mullers as well as the two front winglets of the H&C can be individually customizable, so that spaceship designs for these two spaceship families can be asymmetrical like the BX series.

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