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Bruh really?
Why am i feel the zoom of superchick boss is bigger :thinking: maybe i’ll check this again later

Revisited CI4 after playing this game … am I the only one who’s noticed that the Giant Robotic Space Crab boss arm throws seems off?
In particular, the CI4 crab had the delay between chicken throws for each arm was a lot shorter.

In CIU it’s very noticeably longer between each arm throw, which when combined with the zoom level makes it way way harder to dodge. I’d often ram into the hands while dodging the chicken, or the hands would ram into me while it’s trying to throw a chicken at me.
Also in the Crab’s arm, it’s not easy to tell where you would and would not crash in,
which does not help in learning how to tackle this boss in CIU.
I would zoom it out a bit to have some extra space to dodge the hands as well as the chicken throws.

Also, I forgot how different the metal barriers looked back then lol.

Idea: When you reach max power with Absolver Beam, can it take more or less time to charge it to full?

  • More time
  • Less time
  • Keep the current

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Less/More time would unbalance that weapon for sure.

I can see why you’d want less time(despite it probably not being a good idea), but why would you want more time after finally reaching such high power?


Should’t I get an idea medal for this change?


@Stardrone indeed you deserved a medal.

Your original idea is just add 0,5% for each weapon used, so theoretically the max bonus is 7,5% if you start with Moron and switch to all other weapons in the mission. However, iA want to also consider usage balance to the bonus and I think we haven’t come up with an all-rounded solution yet. Do you have any idea to rework it?

Statistic time. How about using Chi square test for the usage ratio time (not percentage)? For example you played a game in 20 minutes and you used 4 weapons in the ratio of 6 : 5,5 : 4,5 : 4. We can calculate the Chi square value by the formula, which results in about 0,416. Let df = 4 - 1 = 3 and p = 0,05; the critical value is 7,815 so we can accept that ratio is balanced. If we can’t accept a ratio is balanced, just nerf the bonus by how far the Chi square value is away from the critical value, you can choose how you want to do it. The advantage of this method is that it can accept more unbalanced ratio in short game (which is very hard to get balanced ratio)

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This already happens.

If you mean, their deletion gets delayed to kill enemies that are slightly outside the screen, well, I suggested this before and Ig it got denied.

That was a response to the reply before the quoted one, discourse decided not to show this for some reason.

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Also, should the missions assigned from planets also be sorted?
That’ll be very useful.

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What’s your mean of this?

Either have a sort button on planetary missions, or sort them in a pre-set order.
I like the first plan more though.

Sound stupid but I even wanted sort button for… recent mission :smiley:

Definitely don’t add Moron starter bonus. It’s going to make competitive play always feel bad at the start, but mandatory if anyone’s serious in being competitive.

Artificial Moon is always the place for playing Double Team, but it seems like boring because it doesn’t have any environments. Moreover, talking about the Ironman Competition, the only place that existed environments, playing it is just like a jarring experience. If you never play DTs, boss battles will be a pain. Thus, i think one should train by doing DTs that have environments, one can somewhat be prepped ( aside from the extremely fast projectiles in IM ) by doing a few DT missions with environments, to get a feel of the situation.
Currently Artificial Moons can’t have any environments, so I guess it’ll be better to add DTs to other planets ( in order to add environments in it ), but reduce the chance for DTs to appear on non-artificial moons planets.
What’s your opinion?

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  • 2 (Meh)
  • 3 (Okay idea)
  • 4 (Good idea)
  • 5 (Great idea)

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I don’t think making DT more pain than it is right now a good idea.

Well, clearly a usage of the type 1: 0.01 : 0.01 : … : 0.01 really practically represents using a single weapon, so I would expect the bonus to be around 1%.

In any case, I’ve already put a refined version of my algorithm in the game. Let’s see how that goes first.

Not really.

Flagship goes first, then the others in (effectively) random order.

For performance reasons, most projectiles are removed once they leave the screen. Depending on how fast they move, they might still hit things for a single frame, but you should generally not rely on that.

In CIU this delay is difficulty-dependent, so certain timings might be easier/harder than CI4.


There aren’t that many of them.

The tradeoff is that starting with low firepower might make you miss some enemies (and hence lose points). But I guess that only comes into play when the mission starts with >0% difficulty. Currently I’ve disabled any Moron bonuses for competitive, but maybe a poll would be useful? :thinking:


Well can the infinity chickens in chicken multiplicity do that orange bullet attack on high difficulty?

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You may need a poll for this.

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