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You could screenshot them.

I mean, i’m saying just “Clear all missions from 5 or 7 Planets.” Not, SPECIFIC planets

I guess I can deal with that

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yes :slight_smile:

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Logo is incorrect.

Already reported and will be fixed in the upcoming v120. See Known bugs & new features.

  • :bug: “Compare” screen: Fixed 2nd player incorrectly showing 1st player’s quest rank icon (@PRO :medal_sports: Bug)
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I have discovered something, Regarding this quest:


People can bring lots of special weapons and fly space race, and with this time penalty feature, people can use special weapons to trigger this penalty a lot of times where it results in boosting the flight times which helps in completing this quest way faster, Pretty devilish plan isn’t it?

And is it worth to be dealt with?

One hour and 1 minute

I think not. iA said he want people to find exploitative effective and efficient ways to do the quests. I have another evil plan: Find a wave that the enemies don’t escape, kill all of them but leave 1 harmless enemies left on the screen. Stand somewhere safe and leave the computer, go do something else and come back after 61 minutes. As long as your internet connection is good enough to not being disconnected during that, it will definately work. I tried and succeed.

Tried and true

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But this one is way quick and very overpowered and helpful. the one you mentioned is as normal as flying missions regularly. you have to wait, but this one is like a speedrun. besides disconnecting might cut it.

I think wasting keys on special weapons to do it fast is already a trade-off. Fair enough.

Special weapons aren’t expensive, besides not getting used often and only in emergencies. I rarely use it unless I am in a bad spot, Now, I have already fair amount of special weapons and keys to get this done.

Beisdes Quests was supposed to take time to be accomplished.

OK let’s wait for iA.

Maybe add “Time for some death music!” speech bubble to the hero when we encounter Thundercluck

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Why when I sort by difficulty, only the initial difficulties are taken into account? The final difficulties are even sorted high to low (the mission below should be harder than the previous). This happen to all favourite, to-do and assignment.

For example, a 34 - 66% is sorted above a 34 - 58% mission, implying the previous one was easier?

Also, if 2 missions have exactly the same difficulties, can environment also taken into account to determine which one is harder? (darkness & electric > darkness & massive & frozen > darkness & frozen > darkness & massive > darkness > frozen & massive & electric > frozen & electric > massive & electric > electric > hot & massive > hot > massive > frozen > none)

I am fairly certain this is going to be very debatable among players. People have varying opinions on which environments are harder than others.

At least we can agree that having environment is harder than none and multiple environments is harder than single.

Hey guys, I haven’t posted in a while. I didn’t read all 470+ messages, but I found out some audio bug thing that just happened to me:

I’ve had 3 Microguns attached, I was firing on the boss, he dies, but I keep firing and 2 microguns run out and the other one keeps firing but no audio is played. (I died once at the boss, reattached some microguns, and the last one attached it later). Anyway if anyone else reported, then oh well :D.
If not, can someone else try this thing that just happened to me?

Rock n roll

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