Early Access version 119

Yea, IA. Can you change the description and make it say the missions need to be unique?

Random idea for IA: Can you update the inbox so that the messages call us out, based on our quest ranks? I find it funny that they still call me a Recruit although I’m a Commander.



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Might as well call me ‘‘Commander Recruit’’.

Why does the commander have such a rank badge?

It’s a bug. Fixed:

Understood thanks.

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Have a good day, you’re welcome!

I have a question, if you kill a chicken before it kicks out a football, will you get points for killing the chicken and the football or do you only get points for killing the chicken?

You get points only for the chicken.


Footballs are just projectiles. They give no points.

They do give points actually, wait for the chicken to kick out the ball, shoot it down and you’ll get like 3k points or something I forgot

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Can we turn off notifications from our contacts?

Sometime, the warning line are simillar to the background color so it’s kinda hard to see it. Here’s a example of what im talking about.

(yes im died because of that)

Sight issue

That’s not possible. How would the transitions between backgrounds look? Also, apart from the technical issues (.jpg vs .tga), most of the new backgrounds are way too distracting to be used in the galaxy. How many planets do you see here?

Inteded. Score is tied into so many other things (competitive missions, tiers, hall of fame), I thought having a score goal would be redundant.

Fixed in v.120 :medal_sports: Bug

They generally already say that (if it’s appropriate). It was indeed missing in one description, but it has already been fixed in v.120

Apart from the technical difficulties (I don’t actually know your rank unless you are logged in), I don’t think it would work in all languages (those that have “cases”).

Update: I have now renamed “Recruit” to “Janitor” to reduce confusion.

You can turn them off entirely in the galaxy menu.

Granted, but I want the warning line to be the same color as the actual beam. Besides, there’s always going to be some warning color that will clash with some background.


Bringing back this suggestion, I have found a place for the upgrade button without complicating any UIs, does it fit? Also you can ask for a poll if you are unsure.

I have done mission score high but why no ranked in top 1 ?
@InterAction_studios Can you fix it may be bug ?

Here’s why

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Hey again guys. What do you think about having an Attack Insight? An insight that would reveal on each enemy the moment it attacks? Useful when going under enemies which is a risk that may or may not screw you up. Maybe working for lightning as well, when there’s multiple coming out.

As for the display, there’s a few ideas I might poll later.

  1. Could be a bar that fills on the chicken, similar to how their health display is.
  2. An exclamation symbol that appears exactly a second before attack, or a moment before.
  3. A 3 second timer that displays just like the digit 1 for Pecking Orders.
    I’ll think about it later. But for now…
    Yay or nay?
Enemy Attack Insight: Yay or Nay?
  • Yay!
  • Nay!

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