Early Access version 62

Why would you remove the way to get satellites?

But why? Isn’t container being considered as an unknown object, unlike alive chickens?

No \ change upload edit

Just noticed it, new executable icon!

Make a meme of this later.

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How bout a chick holding one balloon too (new enemy)?


Finally, I missed them

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It’ll be cool if all enemies got applied to it.

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I wonder if this means that the “Pop 'till they drop!” wave from CI3 can return
Also, I hope that balloon chickens will be the CI5 breed since Cowards use the CI4 head and Toxics use the elmo CI5 metal-suit head.

Here are some mockups I made, I wonder how accurate they’ll be
Balloon CIU Balloon CIU with a color


hey @InterAction_studios about the all time best… how it works? …as you see in the pic the score hasn’t update!!..it’s a bug? ,or the score will update at the end of the day?




I think a countdown timer should be added when using these items: image
It could be added at top-right of the screen, there could be a button to disable it too.

I got a question:
This mission was assigned to me and as you can see I flew it 22 days ago, when I scroll down to Recent section, I see that the last missions down was flown 27 days ago:

Here’s the problem: I took a look at the whole missions in this section and I can’t find Hidden Bobble that was assigned to me. Isn’t it supposed to be there?

How bout at Armored Division 2 Egg Ships appear in a row instead of one starting from 75% diff so 20 in total and at 125% diff 3 appear in a row so 30 in total? Just like how Berserkers increase at their wave.


You played that mission again but the second time is less points than the first time

They are different misssions

So if last time has less points it doesn’t count at Recent section?

Wait I thought you said the leaderboard, crap

No, I meant a mission was assigned to me, I flew it 22 days ago, but it doesn’t appear at Recent section meaning I can’t flew it again if it wasn’t assigned to me.

I knew it should still exist because I saw missions that I flew 27 days ago. My math isn’t the best, but 22 day mission should appear if 27 day mission appeared. Sorry for not clearing it

Check the store again.

Time indicator thing exists

would’ve been better if he found out it existed in the store the whole time

For iA:

How much would you rate this Half Unfortunate U.C.O. Encounter?

and when do we get the full Unfortunate U.C.O. Encounter? :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Squad boss wave when (4 bosses)