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Pointless chickens (and chicks) should probably drop nothing when killed, but in exchange, the bosses that summon them will drop firepower and gifts when advanced to the next phase more than usual, so that players are encouraged to shoot down the bosses instead of the chickens and not really progress a whole lot

Suggestion: add an Item Training level type

Yes, in a lot of ways it’s inconsequential, so it’s fine either way. However, I am perplexed by how important it seems to be to people. Ok, let me quickly check something:

Have you ever personally used Corn Shotgun in a mission specifically to gain an Iceman medal? I.e., because you wanted to use it as popcorn and still not lose the medal?
  • Never
  • Once
  • More than once
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:warning: I will be validating these results against your actual mission history, so try to be honest :wink:

Initially it was an oversight. As I explained, the way it’s implemented is that Corn circumvents the whole overheating mechanism, so the signal to disable the medal never gets through. When the issue first came up (many updates ago), I looked at the code, but decided it would not be worthwhile to complicate it just to take Corn into account. Looking at it again in the past few days, however, I discovered a much simpler way to actually implement it, so I thought “eh, why not”. I did not expect it to become such a big deal.

Yes, that would be more consistent. But it would complicate the implementation again, which is the reason I avoided making the change in the first place. Now I’m leaning more towards reverting the v.117 change. Argh!

Improved in v.117 :medal_sports: Idea

Disabled in v.117 :medal_sports: Idea

Exception for what? It’s not on the list.

Ooh! +8 points for difficulty, +1 point for low weapon power, +0.25 points for style. Total 9.25 / 10 :star: .
You lost some style points because you stop firing every single time you’re dodging the green lasers, which is not always necessary.


I don’t remember lol, I guess I’ll say once.

Funny how Asteroid Vortex doesn’t even spawn any chicken, but you still disabled Phoenix in that wave


it’s to somewhat save heat
and to show that i know i won’t be able to hit the mysterious ships at times without taking a risk (with the ship recoil)

I would protest to leave them in this wave. you can kill them before they react.

I won’t protest more if the change gets reverted, but remember here that not all the CIU players check this forum or know about this poll and I rarely see someone here use the shotgun. besides competitive missions exist and Iceman medal alone can make a difference. Please keep them in your mind.

Edit: I honestly didn’t use it before to get the medal. but the ways it can be exploited with triggered to report it.

And here are the results to the poll you asked me @InterAction_studios
Since the poll is too deep down by now I thought it’s safe to close it since I don’t think anyone else is going to scroll up this long if they don’t know this existed in the first place.

Can you do the same with Grand Prix?

ia please review my opinion

More Suggestions:

  1. Can you prevent those breeds from existing in waves that have barriers next to them (Forge for example), they tend to dodge by hiding behind the barrier which is annoying.

  2. Prevent ballons chickens from existing in spiral of doom. their ability of moving fast and having a lot of HP, and most importantly that when they get stopped once hit which can cause major problems by crowding the screen is very bad and dangerous. and almost unsurvivable.

  3. Why when I surrender a mission, it changes from “Victory” to “Surrender” in it’s status when we already have won that mission? that seems weird.

  4. Probably Unnecessary. but can you show the CHL mark next to players who own it in multi room?

I noticed that there is a Pecking Order bonus on the Tuning Fork wave. Can you remove that bonus?

Visual idea: when you boost your weapon firerate, the weapon emits some particles at the weapon pylon.


Since early access 103 topic is closed, here are others who suggested the max power renaming change before:

Tho I guess the second one came after GuestUniverse’s suggestion, but I’m posting it here anyways.

This occurred after i sent a tenor gif in discord


Can phoenix have less particles (Zero) on low detailed mode? It greatly made the game slower.

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Here is the proof in this video.


About the change to remove Phoenix from some waves from next version, i see some waves that they aren’t necessary to remove Phoenix. These waves are: Spiral of Doom, Bend/Kick it like Beckhen, Under Pressure and Corridor Shooting.
In basically, Phoenix or Chiller only attack when we try to stand nearby them, so in case we meet them in these wave i have listed, why don’t we try to kill phoenix as soon as we can? I think i need an explain for these waves from anyone who want to remove phoenix from 5 these waves

They surround you in spiral of doom, so they are gonna be annoying.
they also kick balls along with fireballs in Bend/kick it like bechken. so they are gonna be annoying.
you are forced to stay on a tight space by those barriers which means Phoenixes is free to attack in under pressure. so they are gonna be annoying.
but I agree to keep them in corridor shooting.