CIU version 140

also @HeroWither16 help me finding this too
share him a medal too.

The Henperor Boss. but anomaly RNG attack so spam hero quips per 100% chance can you change it from 50%

In windows, PrtSc button won’t capture the mouse cursor. Windows+PrtSc also works well. There’s no cursor in mobile whatsoever

I forgot that PrtSc only ignores the default cursor :]]

well how about in-game cursor?
it still visible

Honestly, I don’t like this change, because Balloon with its HP is too OP enough, now it can spam eggs more…
For balance, reduce Balloon’s HP 25% so they won’t be too hard.
A poll needed, what do you think?

  • Yes, reduce it.
  • No, just keep it.
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What the…?!

big chicken for halloween changes the color of the black checkered shirt to a light blue checkered color with a head bone symbol

@InterAction_studios in customize mode can you add from reset animation that is shield disappearing more 5 seconds or toggle enabled from shield about endless timer.

should the egg breaking sound be changed to ci3 version? (rather than ci4 → ciu’s)

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Hey…this supposed to be posted back in beta but i forgot what was it lol anyway for OG sake shouldn’t CI3U give us clean sweep on every wave? Just for ci3u

Also @InterAction_studios why you don’t give your self golden CHL badge or blue callsign since your the developer so we can distinguish the real IA from fake IA (if ever anyone decided to troll)

Unless I’m mistaken, no one can take on IA’s name. The game won’t allow it. Even if one does try to, they’ll be smited.


Hmmm i won’t risk this for sake of science so i will wait IA till they give answer.

Idea : in retro missions , we will get a random wave from beginner level . once you completed the wave then you will not get it again from beginner level. After completing all beginner level waves , you will get intermediate level wave (random) and then same process as beginner level. When you completed all waves of intermediate level , then you will get advanced level and same process as beginner level. When you will complete all waves of advanced level , then you will get random waves until you will get on last wave (wave 17).

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No. Leave them. Don’t mess up the order with Retro Missions like that.


I didn’t see any big exhausts. Idle exhausts is correct whenever you are docked or stationary.

I’ve logged in as you and also as a different player, and in both cases your exhaust is visible. Granted, it’s barely visible and you need to zoom in to see it, but it’s there.



Fixed in v.141 :medal_sports: Bug


“InterAction” can’t be used in callsigns.


Ah cool to note.

Music bug ? : After killing the boss when I join a multiplayer mission (during warp/stage clear) the boss music is still played until we reach to next stage.

Well well
Hello again after a long time
Look how many improvements we got!
And I missed CI5 noooo