Early Access version 60

Already reported by me. This happens in any mode, just in full screen it happens less frequent.


iA, just a small question: will there be xmas assets for some of the bosses too?


I just found out something ¿wrong? With hypergun.
At power level 20 or less , when you move and press space/ right/middle/left mouse key , the hypergun will be seen by the following text:
The board projectiles will look de-attached to the spacecraft. I figured out this with the starter spacecraft.
I don’t know if bug.

Known, won’t fix, Said many people

Ok. …

Hype? :eye: :lips: :eye:


Maybe some sort of space race. Although please not it.

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What the hell is that?

Same here too! There hasn’t been a new medal or new competitive mission since I joined, this is gonna be one of the best updates ever!

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What I thought of instantly was this:

If we are lucky, it’s this. (Get it? IRON man? no? ok.)

Crash should have get a medal if that’s the case.


What happened:
Hend Game hit 100% while on the right side, and the death explosion still shows as if it blew up on the top.


What is this iron man??

No one will know till it’s out, so hold tight and wait.

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look at the top right

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so this is the license


Hey! It’s me!

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That Is Bug Back From CI3 And Can’t Be Fixed


not you i mean the henterprise

Well then you should’ve been specific. Just joking I knew it from the beginning, lol.