CIU version 137 BETA

Now it works, thanks. But what was the reason of this error, if you know?

I uploaded the file to the wrong folder.


can’t wait for you to upload the wrong folder, and get the super-secret CI version.

Should the Magnetic Manipulator’s helmet can change to something? He’s controlling the snowball so i guess he should wear the white helmet. What do you think about this? Sometime i feel very weird when i see him now.

And this too, should the superchick shoot the green-red beam instead of blue-red beam? Because the superchick are now using his christmas content so the beam shooting skill should be right with him

About the Berkerser, with changed to the gingerbreads in Christmas content, they should have the sound of breaking cookies instead of their “chicken cry” original sound effect


It shouldn’t be a white helmet. It should be a snowy helmet.

Also, maybe make the yellow stripes light gray?

so should “Show 'em who’s Boss!” have this sfx when the title start to appear like in CI3?

Umm… I can’t log in

Lost inbound connection means that you don’t have an internet connection.

but I do

Correct a bit here: Lost Inbount Connection means you’ve been disconnected whenever there was network change, or connection was interrupted.

This thing won’t let me see how upgraded my thing is
how can I deactivate it?

turn the “in-game help” option off in the settings

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And have the death explosion color changed to green-red as well.

Also, could Burgermeister have cobwebs decorated on it with Halloween content, and have lights decorated on it with Christmas content?

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For the halloween content, everything is fine, except the sound effect for the “bats”. When you damage the chicken bosses, they will have “bat cry” sound. But if you destroy them, they will have “chicken cry” sound like the original verision. This also happen to Superchick’s sound (when appear) and 2 chickens in normal invasion mission (Coward and Klaus). All of them still keep the chicken theme but they have bat sound effect when damaged, but they still keep the chicken cry sound when destroyed.

I don’t know is this happened to Easter or Thanksgiving because i still haven’t checked them yet.

@InterAction_studios do you have any idea to decorate UCOs. i suggest crabs in halloween should be bloody with green eyes, throws jack o lantern instead of chick or chicken

at these from no ci2 theme christmas music! but replace music Christmas Content in Ci2.


v.137 Advance Preview

The v.137 release is very close now, and to (hopefully) catch any last-minute problems, I am providing advance preview builds of the stand-alone and Android versions of the game.

:warning: Before you install them, however, read through the following notes:

  • These are the final builds (exactly the same as will eventually become public in v.137), however until v.137 is officially released, they will still connect to the BETA server. This means that any progress you make using these versions will eventually be lost.

  • They will overwrite any existing v.136 installation you have.

  • If you install them but then wish to go back to playing ‘officially’, you must re-install v.136 on top.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues.


Android (32-bit):


The emoji faces disappeared in v137

I think it’s better now :smiling_imp:

Uh-oh. Fixed in v.138 :medal_sports: Bug


wait, “The v.136”?