CIU version 139 BETA


BETA server is off-line

BETA server is on-line


This one is kind of a nitpick, but I think the ship rotation animations should ease in and out in CI4 cutscenes.

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What do you mean? 360 degree sprites of the ship?
I don’t think that interaction will make it because he made ci5 and ciu ships without 360 version to reduce the amount of textures needed because there were a lots
If he made it he will have to make for all ships with paint jobs and exhausts (i think)
Which means it needs high effort
Also will make the size of the game larger (i don’t know if that will make the game heavier)
Not bad idea but it will require very high effort

what i said is what i think

i don’t think that the rocks have hitboxes
you can pass through them

Went and played ci5 (not ci5u) and i can confirm that they don’t have hitboxes
You can safely hide behind some of them
Except gamma cthon (i mean the ones in your post)

in CI5U,
in Epsilon Thalassus (Artifact Recovery Mission), boulders (rocks) are changed to be collidable.

so does it mean CI5U is done to completion or just temporary removed?

Whenever I try to import translations into the game, the server kicks me out. And even weirder, the game closes after I close the translation menu while “Other side closed connection” is displayed behind it (that also happens in v.138 btw). Why is that?

Oh i didn’t read this
and for some reason i didn’t play ci5u

Some phrases were removed in v139.6 (the server version), but you’re using v139.5 to upload (which still includes those phrases and is causing the kick).

I’m still hanging on to v.139.6 until Google approves my paperwork, but the issue should solve itself once it’s out.



v.139 Advance Preview

The v.139 release is very close now, and to (hopefully) catch any last-minute problems, I am providing advance preview builds of the stand-alone and Android versions of the game.

:warning: Before you install them, however, read through the following notes:

  • These are the final builds (exactly the same as will eventually become public in v.139), however until v.139 is officially released, they will still connect to the BETA server. This means that any progress you make using these versions will eventually be lost.

  • They will overwrite any existing v.138 installation you have.

  • If you install them but then wish to go back to playing ‘officially’, you must re-install v.138 on top.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues.


Android (32-bit):


Can the wormhole/black hole tint color be changed depending on the current background or the edition (in Cutscenes)? Because if it was green in the Halloween Edition, it might be more suitable. But it’s not a big deal tho…

Also, why not starting the CIU Main Theme smoothly after finishing each chapter (and when start a new cutscene).

The background should be changed, right?

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this might already asked, but what will happen to ci5u after being removed from CIU?

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no, i didn’t do anything to the game. it was already like this when i tried to log in

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oh, right

also, ci5 is still a flyable mission in your history tab if you happen to still have it

It’ll probably be a DLC.

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I got the advance preview build and…i think my progress have been reverted by 1000 light years! Like im in stage where i just bought legendaries BX8&HC101 while my ACTUAL progress is i have them both customized increased the difficulty to venture i became ensign ● and also i had M400 customized to make it look like CI3 now the question is…how did they even got my old progress???

This is why.

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I have a question and an idea
the question is why CI5U is not here
the idea is I noticed when IA made CI4U they made the costumes of chickens like CI4 my idea is to add chicken costumes and ufos from CI4 CI5 and CI3 ot the galaxy store just like musics and backgrounds
with some christmas and halloween costumes

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