🌎 How to translate the game

IA, is flavour text / going away from the original slightly allowed?
(by flavour text, i mean extra text, not present in the original (english) translation, usually for comedic effect / extra explanation / not meaning anything)

“going away the original” : Not every translation can be done prefectly. So some rephrasing / paraphrasing has to be allowed. And I am not the type to leave untranslated words. (unless i can’t change them, of course)

It is. However, most text needs to fit within strict space limits, so if you go overboard, double-check that your text is readable after being squeezed.


Only 1200 more entries to translate for the Catalan version to be completely translated. Once I finish it, I’ll be aiding in the Spanish translation

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Well, I ran into a brick wall.

When you select a language, you start editing your language, that is fine and dandy. But it seems like i am working over someone else’s work. Wasn’t there something about your work being separate from everybody else’s and being voted in by majority vote?

Anyways, it’s not the real issue. What i am having difficulties is cross-checking with the original English translation:

  1. If you overwrite something with you own translation, its overwritten and i can’t turn it back unless I delete it. cut and paste do help as options, though.

  2. I wanted to cross-check via a second CIU session with a guest account on, but, suprisingly, you can’t launch a second instance of CIU. I was like: “why?”. it’s common for games (MMOs and other types) to be able to start 2 instances of themselves.

Why did I do this in the first place? - I get confused when i constantly need to switch between editing modes.

Something I wanted to see:

  1. filtering by the menu you are in - basically, it’s a filter option. if you are in a specific menu and in translation mode, you select it, it only brings up the things that are where you are currently located.
    (ex: I am in “hall of fame”, therefore I am able to translate whatever is present in “hall of fame” [itself included?] , irregardless of whether it was translated recently or not)

  2. A preview button, which either:

  • Gets you out of the translation menu and prompts a single text (the one that you want to preview) and allows you to see it (irregardless of conditions for that text to appear). Or at least some sort of highlight if the text is not linked to an event.
  • Highlights all text that is present in the menu you are in (regardless of sort). But this is likely to cause overlap issues.
  1. Have you though of utilizing .txt files? - You have the original text of the game in english. And the translator’s job is just to overwrite it with their translation in there. Specific symbols (look up editing rules) included. That does burden the translator though somewhat. Rest of the matter goes like this - if you enable editing mode on game startup, before you login, the server will ask you to input your stand-in translation (a new window appears, asking you to specify the file and file path). The rest is self-explanatory.

The downsides of this being that if you make a mistake, this cycle repeats. Also, filtering (or finding specifics) for what you want to edit seems impossible. At least I can’t think of any categorization system other than the menu filter that I talked about previously (where the translations are under a menu). This still leaves you with the problem that you need to know that menu you are looking for before hand AND not knowing what text you are editing (as in, where the text is located in-game. ).

And that is why… you actually did… this operation… in the first place…
(well, great job me, i guess :'Д)

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@InterAction_studios someone’s messing with us

this is the Vietnamese language

Only 26 pages left
And of course, dài

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i could help in castillian spanish


@InterAction_studios In the beginning, When you press CTRL+T Then it opens the language selector window, you can press CTRL+T again inside the menu making several menus opening together, and once you select a language you will be forced to choose a language from another window. Can you make that button if pressed while the window is opened cancel the operation or do nothing?

To all vietnamese out there translating the game: please don’t translate the weapon names. It’s weird.

Cho tất cả đồng bào Việt Nam đang dịch CIU: đừng dịch tên vũ khí, giữ nguyên vẹn Đi. Nó kì lắm.


Well in all languages is weird.
The English ones are better named

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Vietnamese playing the game: Stonks

Explained in the instructions. If you haven’t translated a phrase yet, but someone else has, then their translation will be pre-filled in. If you like it, just leave it alone. If you don’t like it, change it and it will become part of your translation.

That’s why the English text is always shown to the left of your editing field. You mean revert to the English text in the game? You’d need to relaunch the game. But ok, I’ll insert a shortcut to do this in v.72

That’s standard behaviour. Launching two instances is generally a bad thing.

No, it’s not. What game does this?!

That’s what the “recent” option does, although I’ve explained how “recent” means “last time the game accessed it”, and not “what you currently see on the screen”. I realize that’s not ideal, but it’s the best I can do.

Not sure what you mean here, but “previewing” generally can’t work for any text that has ^ in it.

The current system is designed to avoid the heaps of shortcomings that .txt file has (some of which you have discovered yourself in the course of your explanation)

Fixed. Now press Ctrl+E while translating to revert to English. The rules about when text gets updated remain the same, ie you might have to back out of the current menu, or logout/login.


Vietnamese message:
Làm ơn hãy để ý từ nào cần viết hoa và cả dấu cách


how about this?

when is emergency patch IA?

The Vietnamese community will fix this. If it’s wrong/low-quality, then someone should change it.

Later today.

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  1. it isn’t Vietnamese
  2. it is too short

they did, but the fact that this is a translation triggers me

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