Early Access version 116


So, during the Treasury wave, some egg barriers, when they’re in the low damage phase, can appear to meld in with the visual Heat effect, making it very hard to see where it is, especially when the heat effect fluctuates to be on the “big” cycle. The attached image shows where the barriers can meld in (its more evident on the right side on the upper barrier) with the heat effect.

My suggestion would be to remove the barriers on the extreme ends of the Treasury “walls”, so that it won’t be a problem.

Frankly, I’d be more pleased with doing away with the whole heat visual effect, as you can tell that you’re in such an environment with the reddish background (the star shine is there because this mission was in the system’s star).


Speaking of this, can the laser be shot at a random part of the guitar? (at low difficulties)

v.117 UPDATE

ETA Friday 12 Aug 2022 08:00-10:00 GMT


Updates always come on fridays?


Black friday


I mean, you can just slap the limit key on them and that’s it.


I got my new level early yay!


Why he does not make the first full version …and develop with more developers

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Read this .

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For a game with a completely new concept like this one, setting everything in place immediately means a lot of risks need to be taken, which may affect IA’s reputation (which has been built for years) when future games get released.

The best solution for this problem is to put the game on a preview state - or in this case “Early Access”,
so the community can decide what should be done to make a really good game.

This is actually pretty commonly found in other good games, they always have some form of playtesting done, and lots of iterations are made prior to the game’s final release.


If there are more developers it will be faster

true, but hiring more developers isn’t as easy as you think


Please wait, not everything is easy.

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Why have more developers when you realized its one person working on the game?

IA might end his business as a solo developer, who knows? but surely he won’t need one right now in this game since he worked on it for straight 4 years and maybe will continue to unknown date. Probably in future games of his, he might cooperate with another developers. Especially when hiring developers won’t be an easy job.

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I hope f-not. We are nearing 4 years in the forum. Games spending so long in Early Access is not a good thing.

Yeah you can’t really make it worse than adding MTX into the game.

Playtesting sure, but not open beta going for years.

It is easy, unless you are IA and you have 20+ years old C++ code base and expectations that can’t be met.

Pressing X.

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I think iA has said at some point that the only reason that stops this from going to full release is the mobile versions. iA has also said that from Early Access to full release, not much will be changed, everything will just continue normally.

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Bit off-topic, but:
dude somehow predicted one of the most controversial updates to a long-lasting game 2 years before it came out.

corn shotgun’s change?

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The topic is will close anytime.