Early Access version 120


Where is it?

Overall, removing it isn’t a good choice, but i would like to see some more nefts of Alchemist.
(maybe its slow skills, health or something else,…)

Skill issue. Alchemists can be annoying in large number yes. But with the advantage that lower projectiles and other enemies will be spread around. They are no issue.

Why don’t you try to take “Clean Sweap” bonus with a lot of Klaus like my picture? No Beam, no special

What are you saying

Why are you so lazy to check the Known bugs topic?

yeah i know im late

I don’t care about bonuses, at least the thing is survivable. And besides, IA said it don’t matter if clean sweep is not achievable in some waves, it is there because of enemies that leaves the screen after short moments of appearance.

The “too many” Klaus chickens in a wave isn’t annoying and harmful. And that causes other lethal enemies to exist in lower numbers which creates less bullets and pressure on you.

I don’t remember all lol. But sorry

You think you can survive with a lot of Klaus and other chickens in a Squawk Block wave? Of course Hardcore Squawk can be taken “Clean Sweap” bonus harder, but have you thinking you fight them with lower power?

Your video, please.
Show you skill in here

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@InterAction_studios will you fix this problem with “Max Power” bonus? I didn’t capture it on time, so I’ll explain by words
Max power bonus should be earned when an specified ship reached its (+max), right? But some reason it didn’t seem to have correct accurateness, like displayed 2nd time when I collect 1 more atom (mostly happened on BX), and no Max Power bonus even I reached its max but displayed when I collect 1 more again (sometimes on Muller)


Yes. Just keep firing. All people did this and you are complaining.

If you have low firepower. Get more of it then.

No, it’s a skill issue for sure.
Besides my channel is filled with 34 videos of CIU. Go take a look on them if you have the mood for it.


Talk less, do more, my dude

I don’t see any hardcore Squawk Block mission by you.

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What’s your channel?

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BaronFQ :face_with_monocle:


Will you lost 10 points after this?

Probally set it to 3 second

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And that means one month without playing CIU for me, because when I had just reset my computer, CIU added quests. I wanted to try it, but Wine kept crashing the game without apparent error about a minute after I opened it.

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Does anybody else experience connection problems? I get disconnect super often, actually, every time I do something related to quests. I gotta fly feather fields mission and I can start those but every time I finish one I get disconnected.


Already fixed in next version.

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I fail to see the benefit of this.

I find that the galaxy view is already too colourful. Why does activity matter anyway?

I see that indeed this should have been fixed:

… but apparently it’s still not fixed. I see no evidence of the user crashing, so perhaps there is another scenario that causes this bug. Will investigate.

100%? Ok, I guess it is a bug after all. Fixed in v.121 :medal_sports: @iIfireIi

It’s fine.

Already fixed in v.121


Fixed in v.121 :medal_sports: Bug


Thanks for leaking the quests :+1:


What about cuisines candy’s @InterAction_studios?