Early Access version 111

Fly an easy mission lol
I got that before on hard, they should have a medal for it lol

Clean sweep, just as pecking order, must be 100% possible at all cases, From easy to insane difficulty.

but these waves don’t have this feature and there is no fix for it so better removing it.

The Debris was falling

oh ok. i visited the fandom wiki of ciu a few months ago, it said that the difficulty is always locked to rookie. but it has been fixed. Ok i guess im way too stupid.

It’s 100% possible to get clean sweep there, you just need some skills.
Plus, pecking is 100% impossible if there’s a bomb.

IA, can you write the possibility of purchasing Hardpoints with CHL in this text?

and why supernova appeared in normal environments ?

Then I don’t know what’s causing this.

And I say it isn’t because of some lurking at the corners of the screen.

actually u can, asteroids and treasure shower are easier to get if they move slower, in higher diff, u can get it, although it’s almost impossible due to their fast movement

Eggshell fields is literally the easiest to get clean sweep once u know where the eggs come. They move even slower than asteroid and treasure, and difficulty only affects eggs and enemies health, as well as stronger enemies inside


When I open the game and spam enter hoping it will take me to menu as soon as possible, the mouse cursor get repositioned 2 times to the close button (after skipping the introduction and the early access annoucement. Is there anyone find it annoying?

Also, after finishing any mission (victory, surrender or cancel) we’ll be taken back to the menu. If I realize that I forgot to change configs before flying the mission and cancel it, I will have to find that mission from the menu again. I thought I should be taken back to the missions tab or config tab (right where I wá before). Should I accept it or is there any solution?


You can still get clean sweep if it doesn’t come from corners.
If you can’t get clean sweep because of that case, then remove pecking from most of waves :roll_eyes:

1- Hardpoints will be with CHL in the next update.
2- Read. It says All Equipment so unnecessary.

Is there anyone that finds it annoying? Answer: No.
Accept it.

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Hey @InterAction_studios,i have an idea
How do you think about CHL user can change color name ???


I can agree about that but i think this feature is kinda “low information” so no medal.

Boss rush.

Cool idea but will it have some kind of highlight? (To make player callsign being visible while choosing black)


Or you can just edit the dictionary.

With that aside, changing your callsign color would be cool


It is not possible to get clean sweeps in those most cases because of those goddamn corners. clean sweep must possible at every case encountered. but this just breaks it. and it always comes from corners and realize that there are too many of them and they are fast.

Pecking Order is 100% possible at all cases and it was not implied to waves they are even’t garaunteed that they can be acheived into, But this is not because all of the sub corners of the screen.

hold on lemme get an example of sub corners since you might misunderstand what is it.

at these corners is where the eggshell, astroid, treasure can appear and leave from. if we dared to go to these corners just to get them, it’s a rip.

I said, sometimes they don’t appear at lower corners at all, I already got clean sweep many times before.

They don’t always appear at corners, just try another missions, specifically, easy ones.
Either way, you can use a dpo and destroy the asteroids that appear there.

Unless a bomb appeared in place of an enemy, and it destroyed anything. This will ruin your pecking order.
You can easily notice that in Squawk block.

But I am sure that 100% one most appear from that corner and it is hard to realize, ruining the enitre streak.

I do not care if it can be acheived on easy difficulty, because if it can then it should be in harder difficulty, but due how fast and how many they are it’s totally impossible in all difficulties.

Do not touch the bomb then. and I don’t what that has to do with pecking order being 100% possible in every case.

Some highlights?
Let’s me think about that


Then get skills :wink:
Anyways, this was discussed many, many times before with more points than these, and it simply got rejected. (IIRC)

The bomb is required for pecking order, missing it will remove pecking order.
You are forced to touch it and pray that it doesn’t kill anyone.