Early Access version 68.2

Your ship went outside the screen because you were shooting :expressionless:


Can you add a harder version called “Shoot Both Core” mean you have to shoot 2 apple core instead of 1 in order to make it harder.

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By the way, give a medal to @Donny as well. He wanted me to help him suggest it.

His ingame callsign is “DK without CG”.


Can someone tell me why there is no daily reward anymore?


It’s known, iA will fix it in v69


How about the Giant Robotic Space Crab the one that only throw chicks and chickens

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You mean this?

It is made.

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Yeah I haven’t received a “daily stipend” everytime I visit CIU

nah that was the one that only shoot lasers

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So the boss that you are talking about is “Space Crab” boss

It’s a bit outside screen without shooting though.

thats how it works

Yes that their wave name is ``Giant Robotic Space Crab"

Wait IA. Will they appear in every mission that has its difficulty appearance written?

Fixed in v.69 :medal_sports: Bug

Known from where? I’m not aware of it.


I thought you knew. Also, why did RainbowBoy get the medal when someone else reported it first?

what the hell the callsign violation this

whoa the few hours then

man reaction soon


That’s…low self-esteem or ironic crap that I do not care much about, not violations. I can just change my name to “Ramon the noob” too (unless aholes commit harassment)

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You can’t change your name to “Ramon the noob” if there is another Ramon in the galaxy though.


Alright you got a point