CIU version 137

That’s noticeable.
:zap:9 and :zap:10 Absolver seem to override their sfx on ships with lower power limit
at :zap:11 and higher it’s back to :zap:8

Fixed in v.138 :medal_sports: Bug


Can you reward it after the new version is released to the LIVE server? I had changed both my name and email before BETA was released and it seems I can only use my old name and email in BETA.

just msg him your current callsign and he will do

My current callsign is the same as my name in this forum

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do the yolk star easter, please? (no medal)

Yes. Medals are always awarded after each update is officially live.

Changed in v.138.6


Found another bug:

At Caucon constellation, when zoomed in, i have completed 1 mission (located at Phylas star sytem), which was a key rush mission, but when i zooming out the map, it shows that i have completed 2 missions.

It should be 1/181 instead of 2/181 when viewed from missions completed overview.

are you sure you didn’t clear another mission somewhere in the constellation

I was on a key rush mission hunting and i didnt clear any another missions in the Phylas star system
(except for the key rush which is located at 668+446)

This typically happens if you’ve completed the second mission as a squadron assignment (you don’t typically know where assigned missions are located in the galaxy)


well, I’ve explored the entire Caucon constellation, and it turns out that i had in reality flown this mission at the coordinate 674+421 as multiplayer with someone 3 days ago.

@InterAction_studios Can you make it so that after completing the squadron assignments, we return to the Assignments page and not to the CIU map. In this way, the speed of the mission increases

I can’t. There’s a lot of UI that’s going to be stale after flying any mission. That’s why you’re always returned to the map.


Why is the ios icon not a bitten apple?

Avoiding legal issues.


True. But I think it’s time to take a bite. It’s so tiny I hardly think anyone’s going to complain.


Maybe bite it on both sides?


Or eat it until it looks like an apple core?


Or just bite once, but opposite side. Also cut that leaf nah that would make it looks like a tomato instead of apple

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