Early Access version 99

Finally. No need to update

@InterAction_studios add a button to honk the horn
this is unplayable without the horn

  • La Cucaracha horn for M404-PI only
  • Horn hardpoint for all ships
  • No horn
  • Horn hardpoint for all ships + La Cucaracha horn for M404-PI exclusive

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Humm… i think this will be problematic in multiplayer, but oh well.



I need a self-destruct button

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What is this for?

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Might look up on Epic Waves thread on these slob 1st waves.

replaced the slob omnidirectional with another wave, though players could just find another wave in another mission with only slobs as close to the starting to waste least time

To be very honest, I play without any equipment whatsoever because it’s a lot more fun (and I heavily dislike buying equipment all the time) that way plus I get more keys out of it. For special weapons, personally I feel giving them in-mission for food is the best way to go, the type and frequency of which is determined by a permanently purchased multiplier similar to the skill levels, except these give you missiles for food, with an overall decrease to either food collected/score received (starting at -10% maybe). The starting amount of lives too, I feel, should be fixed for each type (I’m thinking 3 for Mullers, 5 for H&C’s, and 7 for bombers because let’s be honest they need all the lives they can get.

As for perishables, I feel like a lot of them give gameplay advantages without any sort of tradeoff whatsoever, while others are so inconsequential to the point of being a waste of keys. Appetite Attractors, Eggular Repulsors, and Invulnerability Extensions are too overpowered, I feel, and need some reworks to them. I’d rather have items that give the player both an advantage to work with but also some disadvantages to work around so that you carefully analyze which boosts are worth taking and which ones you can do without. Maneuvering Jets, Thrust Vector Control, and Spray Adjustors could be equipment that are docked onto the ship like @Recruit_75 mentioned (please make them cost affordable amounts if you do, thanks).

The prices need a massive rework to them too but that’s a whole can of worms for another day


From an assigned Retro mission, with the timer and wave number being glitchy.

Prolly could be from my potato computer

Is a feature was added by OWL


it is more effective to smash your spaceship on an enemy / boss

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Ohh, so this is how it looks hmmm…

:owl: or onewingluna?

i would suggest that starting lives should be less than that, 2-3 lives for bomber/H&C and 5 for muller, because muller is kinda useless.
but lives should be kept down. this game is a difficult bullet hell and if you want difficulty or 1hit games, you have to be like that
i suggested some time ago a spaceship family tha starts with more lives.

they would be equipped just like regular perishables but with a limit of like 5 and just wouldn’t disappear or there could be 5 slots to buy for like 2500-5000 keys and any perishable you put there wouldn’t get used

But not as cool as self destruct.

Probably he plays Ironman Competition or Chicken Invasion >80% difficulty too much, I think

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2.35B pts / 234 waves > 10M pts / wave.

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It was confirmed that this guy had used the exploit

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