What will we have on version 6

  1. Will we have a profile reset?
  2. When it is going to be released?
  3. Will we have any new contents (levels, bosses or galaxy changes, etc.) ?

I have asked this questions to @InterAction_studios so there is no need for players to have a reply.

  1. Probably not, and I’d assume IA will let us know when the first reset comes.

  2. When it’s done.

  3. Known bugs & new features

I said there is no need for players to answer.
But thanks.

Even though you claim there is no need for players to answer that doesn’t and shouldn’t deny them from doing so, also, there might be some forum members that might know more than you do and thus you wouldn’t need to wait for iA for an answer.

I don’t agree

To each their own opinion, also, I’m sure you know this, but your disagreement won’t stop anyone from replying, not unless iA themselves say otherwise.

No, that’s wrong.


  1. If it’s necessary.
  2. When it’s done.
  3. Probably not.

By the way, info on the next update can be found here.

I hope you have a way to prove that this reſponſe doeſn’t exiſt…

If you asked interaction studios only,and don’t want other people to respond,why didn’t you simply send a private message to IA?


They dont answer always. Last time i had to write them by email.

Doesn’t change the fact that writing it as a thread isn’t a better idea compared to sending them a private message,especially if he wants us to not reply…