Early Access version 95

  1. its full and your game havent been refreshed
  2. its ended but your game havent refresh

No, sometimes I also got this situation and I had refreshed but I still couldn’t join. Probably a network connection issue.



You are kicked, lol.


Acknowledged, but very messy to correct. Won’t fix.

It will appear on the next wave.

No, disconnecting should always be allowed.

Changed in v.96 :medal_sports: Idea

BTW Anyone sophisticated enough to perform a DDOS can certainly do so even though the game doesn’t show the IP.

Fixed in v.96 :medal_sports: Bug

I don’t know. Are you using “Force UDP port”? If so, try again with v.96.


iA, I used H&C 101 and join multiplayer room, but I didn’t get Equipment Perk.

Also may I know how much is Weapon Virtuosity for all weapons?

Glad that it’s fixed:


Pretty sure that’s known and won’t be fixed because technical difficulties(well, more like I can’t remember the exact reason. Oops)


Is disable to balanced for all spaceship

we can dim the score bar when the enemy is in the upper left corner of the screen, the enemy is hard to see because the score bar is hidden, very inconvenient for the space race.


A strange thing happened to me
When I used Alt+tab to change the active window (game window) to google chrome browser, after about 30 seconds my pc crashes and I thought it was because of low memory ( both browser and game are needed too memory and my memory is only 4 GB), I closed the browser then I went back to the game with mouse (I clicked on the icon on the taskbar)image I saw the game is not paused and I was exploded many times.

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You can only pause in multiplayer by pressing esc, but if you are a host.
While you can never pause as a guest.


No no you didn’t get
I mean when you suddenly change the window game will not be paused (automatically)
This can be an idea

It works fine for me. It must be multiplayer, it won’t be paused using alt+tab
Unless it’s a Windows 11 issue.

It automatically pauses for me.

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it always pauses for me

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hey IA, can you fix this minor “bug” because the light coming from the UCO#4 is not spreading properly, it just stop in an invisible box.

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Can IA make a splash screen for each time someone gets a new tier? it feels kinda lame that you farmed score and you get a mail saying: congrats on getting to tier XX, you need 2x score to get the next one, here is 50 keys for doing 3 hours of playing misions.
at least a splash screen would be good.

TL;DR add splash screen, just mail is boring.


I think Cup Qualification Match should not have multiplayer mode.

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but it won’t count anything

i spent 15 mins on this


How can it duplicate login to me? It really rare, only happen to me one time and it back to normal.