Early Access version 110

The game physics is calculated at 40 FPS, right? Because I’ve been experiencing this desync after only a minute of playing that wave, though my FPS is suffering from 20 to 70. How does it affect multiplayer sessions?

you are treading on thin freakin ice

M i s d i r e c t i o n

Did hud health bar is important to this

might I suggest adding more enemies to morning rush hour to lengthen it a bit
it’ll still be shorter than high speed chase, though

i felt that the wave wasn’t difficult enough to have the “one of the harder clean sweeps to get” feel, but making it actually harder (in terms of speed or enemy types) would probably be worse, so i suggest making it longer instead

Did that and didn’t help, anyway the wave will now zoom in 110% so it would be better.

as any other barrier, yes.

No need, it’s already your suggestion now.

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Can Droid Rings waves: add zoom+remove an droid row to make it a little bit easier?
Also add a safe zone In “The Bird House” wave


And also ton down some chickens that coming up because sometime there are less space and the bubbles hit the player. If they skip the bubbles part It can count as cheater

And can you add an indestructible ball barrel to this small gap In “Playground” wave?

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IA told me it’s intended like that, as an option to skip them.

And I’ve just realized something…

Doesn’t Plasma deserve the medal too?

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What about 2 anomaly zones???

Again, that wave is not supposed to have anomalies, or else it would be too easy.

so, only the way that it should be zoomed out to 95-90%

Unneeded. This is enough for us.

uhhh what’s this


Frame perfect pause bug. Objects have spawned but haven’t moved to their positions yet. “Acknowledged, won’t fix”.


Kind of a dumb idea, but I’m thinking of that the wave “The Next Generation” should only have enemies/breeds introduced in CIU.

Space background scroll speed on Grand Prix should be made faster as well, probably to match the barriers.’


Sorry, I misunderstood the first time. Changed in v.111 :medal_sports:

Changed in v.111 :medal_sports:

Already been made easier

Already been made easier

I don’t think that’s a good idea – it would block more player bullets.

Perhaps. Who suggested it first?

No, it’s calculated at the full FPS (network traffic is at 30FPS, but that’s unrelated). Uneven FPS will desync faster than simply “low” FPS. In multiplayer, all clients will sync up to whatever the host is seeing.

Changed in v.111

It’s not a bad idea – I’ll give it some thought

Hmm, spawning extra enemies like that has logistical problems about whether the can reasonably fit in all possible waves :thinking:

This has already been changed.


Added to v.112 :medal_sports: Idea


I’m not fond of this, but I have made it so that you instantly overheat if you touch them. Changed in v.112 :medal_sports: Idea


Added to v.112 :medal_sports: Idea