Early Access version 46

I’d rather not encourage people to have a miserable time just to farm keys. But a poll might shed some more light.


Sorry to barge in in the middle of this conversation, but about these aforementioned retro starfields, I made an attempt to recolor them to save some time for IA and to make it more likely for him to add them :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried to follow the same pattern as the other background types. If necessary, let me know and I’ll upload an archive with the jpegs.

Edit: Since I ran out of time and my PC is absolute garbage so it took me 15 minutes to load stuff, I’ll send them later. Sorry about that. I’ll edit this post or make a new one.

Well, most of the starfields don’t have a green channel, so I can’t see how modulation would achieve the desired result. But be my guest.

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and by the way there’s many other ways to obtain keys :heart:

the game just crash :thinking:
My Files. there’s the crush files find in program data
ps the last think that I did was using the Dimensional Phase-outs

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Desync crash. Most likely this has been fixed by:


in the next update :slightly_smiling_face:…but I lost a life, and the charity was not present!

Maybe you have enough fire-power or it’s above the minimum requirement.

  • . :new: Added “The Strongest Link” wave variation (starts appearing at 80% difficulty) (@Sammarald :medal_sports: Idea)

What is that?

It’s a “harder” version of The Weakest Link.

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They do turn out green, but most of them end up being pretty dark.
From left to right : CI1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and the retro background.
The CI1 and 3 backgrounds are the most usable.


The Weakest Link but with eggs instead of chickens and LV2 barriers

I’m about to send my variants. I used a different method, not curves. I assume that’s why IA warned me. But I know my way around photo editing software :wink:


:bulb: Removed unused “Egg Hurricane” wave variation (“Egg Cyclone” incorporates both variations via mirroring)…
so give “egg hurricane” name to a variation of “egg cyclone”

@InterAction_studios Thanks for “inviting me” :slight_smile: Here are the results:

CI1 Retro

CI2 Retro (tell me if it needs more work, this was a hassle to make)

CI3 Retro

CI4 Retro

CI5 Retro

Tell me to send an archive if you’re satisfied.


So, basically…


Basically what?

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Trying to reenact the green retro space that I’ve just shown (from CI4), but for every single one of the six. Would be interesting to see this for the Droid missions as well.


Droid Raids actually happen to have that already. You can change your background there.

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However, I came in here for a different reason. While recoloring is involved in this as well, I just want to make Assassin and normal Bandana Chicks even more distinguishable. I don’t really find it enough that the mechanics for both enemies are different, especially if they’re playing some waves where the enemies are really close, like Chicken Roulette/Wheel of Fortune or the Squawk Block waves.
I’ve used one Bandana Chick from a screenshot, and recolored the bandana from purple to red. Anything else works, just make one of them slightly different in terms of aesthetics, the entire time, and not after you throw a slight pitch at them.