Early Access version 66

I meant Equipment perks bonus granted at the end of the mission.
My bad. I Should have describe it previously.

About league dares:

If you’re challenging someone of a higher ranking, the difficulty of the mission should be proportionally increased, up to a minimum of 50/100%. (No sending 0% missions to a person with 50 points more than you. You should at least be trying harder than that if you want that many dare points so badly.)


If you send a dare of a low difficulty (0% - 49%), the amount of dare points you earn and lose will be proportionally less. (up to -50%)
If you send a dare of a normal difficulty (50% - 79%), the amount of dare points you earn and lose will be standard.
If you send a dare of a high difficulty (80% - 100%) , the amount of dare points you’ll earn AND lose will be slightly increased… proportionally. (+20%)

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I found his trick on my team, is it real? Temporary translation: How to always top the table in space mode Press ctrl + alt + x twice and you will return to the main game screen Re-enter the game mode and shoot as usual Note: when you do this, the food score and time will reset to zero


how did this manage to slip past our hands


surrendered at the end so you know I’m not going to cheat

IA Add search bar on UHF League


Kylo Hen should get the medal instead.


why isn’t any Droid Raid Mission in UHF league?

Because they’re food grinding machines


said by iA himself

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There’s a problem with Infinity Chickens: In Twice Infinity boss wave, they will move fast when they’re enraged, but in Chicken Multiplicity, their flapping speed only increased and still move slowly, as they are not really enraged.

Probably because there’s more enemies in Chicken Multiplicity.

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Can you add CIU background in shop so places like wormholes/driois/Invasion Anniversary can use CIU Background.


These names are already not allowed.

Callsign reset.

Awarded medal.

It’s an exploit. Fixed it in v.67 :medal_sports: Idea

Will roll back the medal.

Yes, those are the ones I mean, too.

I’ve made a note to think about this.

It’s an exploit. It’s been fixed in v.67

He has a peculiar aversion to medals :face_with_monocle:


Why “anti-cheat”? It’s not a cheat, it’s an exploit within the Emergency Exit.
Also, shouldn’t I get the medal too since I was the one who lost the space race because of the exploit?

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You aren’t any better

Ok if we are serious, if you win this space race you’ll get a medal for it which compensates your previous fail, so instead of giving you a medal, removing your future medal and giving medal to person below you in next top, wouldn’t it be better to just give another medal to person in next top?


Thanks iA, also at wave 12 (Overarching Chickens) of Ironman I used full-charged Absolver at Cowards but they still attack. Is it a new feature at Ironman? Because it works at other missions.

I guess so, but I also told iA about the exploit in PMs. Although, GoldenBoss did it first.

The changes I’ve made also made it harder to cheat.

You’ll get your Space Race medal back.

Everyone who uses this exploit to win the Space Race will have their medal revoked and given to the 2nd place instead.

No, it should always work. Perhaps your Absolver wasn’t fully charged?


I charged it for about 10 secs.

So since Fancis did it before should I get the medal or someone else?

I changed the idea a little bit
Can you add both of CI4 droids space background and CIU space background
(CIU background for Anniversary, wormholes and droid galaxy)
(Also, sorry for repeating that…)