CIU version 146 BETA

In CIU v146.4 CI5U summer edition, I think Popsicle (Corncob) texture default is horizontal, the top of the cream is on the left, the outside ice cream stick is on the right. So I need flip 180 dergee or flip horizontal texture then then the direction of float up and do an U-Turn is very correct. Especially in wave 48 and Coop’s corn launch attack.

Why these dead chicks aren’t themed?

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No point in theming dead bodies

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This guy is now a Plastic Manipulator


Also, could you fix Feather Brain going Cross eyed in the normal edition as well?

Also, I have a crazy idea for reskinning Bossa Nova, if the Comets got turned into pineapples…

Why not turn Supernovas into Mango/Mango chunks? :mango: :mango: :mango:



Something unexpected was happened with the popcorn of the Corn Shortgun weapon in Christmas and Halloween content, since popcorn (CI5) at Christmas (and Halloween) is themed until now (now we have the 3rd season is Summer).
Anyways, take a look at this:

This is only happened when you play as Christmas or Halloween season content.

(we will miss the themed popcorn for Corn Shortgun very much, since it’s the only case that a weapon is themed in a season content)


Popcorn bullet texture error crop when using Corn Shotgun to overheat.

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Here is what i found:

A plastic bucket


A plastic shovel


A plastic rake


A swimming duck toy


A water gun toy

I think there are some water guns that smaller, suitable for the child to use.

A swimming glasses

Use the exact swimming glasses that the normal chicks are using.

A plastic sprinkler

I don’t know how the children use this sprinkler toy for?

And the last one is a current seashell projectile.

You can also change the color of these things before adding them.

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This design could be improved. How about an (actually) egg-shaped coconut (open or closed) with a straw and an umbrella?

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What about this thing instead of a coconut? It also rotates, so it would probably work better than a coconut.

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Man this is going to be awsome.
me rn:

But would it be good enough if it was… you know… egg-shaped?

Coconut is not egg shaped, and the collision circle is a circle anyway.

I feel like a dummy. I’ve never noticed the Mysterious Ship’s hitbox is that shaped and small. I’m wondering why though…

Still, a coconut or a ‘‘idk the name of that shuriken-looking fan’’… Does that call a poll?

I think this chicken needs to throw out a shovel :rofl:!!!

You can’t change Chickenaut’s bullet in summer edition, It’ll affect Security Droid’s bullet. Chickenaut and Security Droid’s bullet are same shape, monochrome texture (grayscale) + with blend color code.


There is a crazy thing that i’m just thought. What do you think if the Retro is also themed during season? There are two options:
1- Change the color of the retro. Maybe each season will have each own color for those retro enemies.
2- Change an enemy into another shape. I don’t know will this fine or not, because this require you a great idea to do.


Lol, a fish retro, for summer edition, though i don’t know is this fine or not.

What do you think about this, iA and everyone here?


Well, Taubsi already made a reply suggesting adding sunglasses to retro enemies, it was cute tho but i honestly don’t remember if iA replied or not.

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wouldn’t that make it a new enemy

I don’t know. I thought Retro can be replaced like other enemies in season content.

Halloween is actually like you are facing other enemies, anyways :skull:



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