Early Access version 81

If the player has only one squadron, could the assign button assign the mission instantly instead of giving the player a choice?


On that note, maybe there should be an option to automatically assign every mission you fly to your squadron, as long as you only have one squadron? And/or perhaps a confirmation the first time you try to exit any mission results screen without having assigned it to any of your squadrons? It happens to me too often that I absentmindedly exit the results screen before assigning the mission, and by then it’s too late.

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32 versions late


Damn. Wonder why it’s still not a thing.



@InterAction_studios at Henperor: Could you prevent the same quip from showing 2 times in a row? For example: The player says “I’m loosing control!” prevent him from saying this quip again next time(same goes for other quips).

Could this change effect all missions not only competitive ones? Because it is confusing when you fly a normal electric CI mission after Ironman, because some strikes after 2 secs.

Can your own callsign layer be the top layer:

Take a look here:

If you see the big red circle you’ll notice that my location is at the top. Now look at the small red circle, you’ll see a visible player that’s far away from and even in my contacts. Why is he visible?

Also look at the blue circle, am I able to locate one of my contacts that is near a wormhole because I explored it?

When “Party Time!” releases its circle of projectiles then wait some secs before attacking again. How about this period be according to difficulty? Like became shorter the more mission came harder.

Stage 2 of this Weekly Challenge is Meteor Storm: if you got the required 40 or more kill you don’t get the medal:

But if you got less points you get “Career Medal Awarded x1” notification(this doesn’t happen at all waves).

Similar thing: at the wave “Roundabout Approach” I collected all the food+killed more than 40 enemies but only got one medal(yes, there were lots of food):

There’s also wave like “Asteroids” were I got lots of points but the game counts like 25% of them only but I still got the medal. And waves where I get 2 medals but only did the requirement of one only like collect all food but didn’t got high multi-kill.

Why Price Insight work on planets:

If I understand it correctly it should show where you can buy stuff cheaper.

And why doesn’t Score, Price and Key Insight work on sun?

How about when “Interstellar Highway” option is disabled, the camera focus on “Off-Road” way instead:

Could “Unoriginally Penalty” show the exact amount of hours instead of saying “few hours”?

Could you also make multi-kill be awarded before wave boundaries like before?

Could “Make favorite” button be here too(will be grayed if you didn’t fly\surrender the mission):

Are lightning strikes repeatable at League missions? Cause I noticed that some strike faster than others at a dare.

At Double Team: When Crab or Mysterious Ship explodes the upcoming bullets from a boss like Blast from the Past are hidden under the explosion even when Pro-gamer mode option is activated.

Could Squadron activity daily\weekly have rewards?

Idk, maybe move the gems&Spacecraft name little big to the left\right because it’s overlapping with Bombers:


We need a space between the mouse icon and approach word.

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Or make the icon smaller.

IA can you make slots that when we lose something from slots , that thing remove from down?(it’s removing from up )

Huh, the amount of waves still doesn’t have your language’s numbers.

Fixed in v.82


iA, what do you (and also other people) say about increasing the key drop rate/bonus (rate would fit more as it’s supposedly a bigger difficulty than SSH) for Ironman? You see, the average key total I gain from a successfully-completed Ironman is about 250, which means that you could get more keys by simply grinding on a Meteor Storm/Supernova mission. Since Ironman is the hardest mission out there, shouldn’t the collected keys in 50 epic waves be more than those you may collect on 2/3 Supernova missions?

What do you think about it?
  • Increase the key drop rate for Ironman
  • Increase the key bonus at the end of Ironman
  • Leave it as it is
  • I don’t know
  • hi moighty france’s how u win irony men’s?

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@InterAction_studios how about make the Z button as an alternative button to Enter and X for back when not flying a mission?

no, make Z the alt shoot button and X for special weapons

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great idea ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Make it default

Shift, Z, X, C.

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speaking of which, how about making it so everytime you press/hold the focus button, it swaps between mounted special weapons?