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Dorma… IA, I’ve come to bargain.
Key rewards for medals

9 days passed. Nothing new in discussion. There were just 3 suggestions for reward change that I mostly agree with. And also making a new category for it.

Here are the results of the poll for now:
29 is not a big number, but there is literally 0 votes for no.


if this in next updata it well be good nine :+1:



Here’s a idea that sounds pretty reasonable: Restructuring the Pecking Order in The Magic Flute to be similar, if not identical, to Visitors from Another Dimension.

My proposal would have each set of chickens (the three sets that spawn from each portal) have their own Pecking Order set, instead of the whole portal “lane” being one long Pecking Order. This would make it easier to obtain a Pecking Order, instead of messing up with any of the 12 spawns that appear, breaking the Order chain. In exchange, each set would have a Pecking Order bonus of 2K (compared to the 6K received from completing the whole row of 12 spawns).

Also, if possible, if the bonuses can be rewarded once the Pecking Order is achieved, instead of waiting at the end to see, that’d be pretty great.

@InterAction_studios Can the difficulty bar be more readable with sun corona?


For the Alien Mothership/I’ll be back boss, other falling pieces have no vanish effect whenever I managed to destroy the last piece.

IA, can you update the current quest standings list? You know, the kind of list that shows the number of players per specific quest rank? Just curious…

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The halloweenified backgrounds blend in with the chickens/bats and henterprise’s feather

Could we get the CI5 Halloween music in the Galactic Store? I’d like to listen to it even after Halloween has passed.

It’s there.

You missed this part:


I wonder if the Beckhen stages can have their Pecking Order stages rearranged a bit. Instead of having their starting point at the same point (absolute left side of the line, regardless of orientation), why not have the second and fourth set start on the absolute right, creating a zigzag/sweeping pattern? It’d make the stage a bit easier to achieve the Pecking order and to avoid any soccer balls (from trying to realign yourself to get to the left) already launched. I can see this being better on the harder variant of Beckhen, with all those soccer balls being launched.

A suggestion:
more graphical options!

Smooths out the edges of things. More visible on lower resolutions.
Options for Anti-Aliasing are:
Fast Approximate (FXAA) Not the best looking, but the least taxing.
Multi Sampling (MSAA) Only applies to where it’s most needed. Looks nicer than FXAA, not as taxing as SSAA.
Super Sampling (SSAA) The most demanding, but looks the best.

More Texture Filtering Types
Options include:
Point/Nearest Filtering. The simplest and cheapest texture filtering.
Bilinear Filtering. A balance between performance and visual quality.
Trilinear Filtering. Requires more memory bandwidth than Bilinear Filtering, but looks nicer.
Anisotropic Filtering. Makes things look better at an angle. Not sure how well this would work here.

Tries to simulate realistic lighting. Also creates an aura-like effect on light sources.

But… The game already sort of has this (suns and planets), does it not? Maybe this can apply to explosions and projectiles too?

Post Processing
Enhances game’s visual aspects.

optional suggestion for the above suggestion:
Graphic Presets.
This will be below the “Details” option in the Basic Graphics menu.

Potato: FXAA, Point/Nearest Filtering.
Low: FXAA, Bilinear Filtering. This will be used by default.
Medium: MSAA, Bilinear Filtering.
High: MSAA, Trilinear/Anisotropic Filtering, Post Processing.
Maximum: SSAA, Trilinear/Anisotropic Filtering, Bloom, Post Processing.
Custom: Anything that does not match the above 5.


An idea for using the new CIU backgrounds (Default background without any custom enabled) for missions:

Default Starfield: Chicken Invasion, Squawk Block, Your First Mission
Starfield 1 (Caribbean Tornado): Chicken Invasion, Squawk Block, Comet Chase, Meteor Storm
Starfield 2 (Cold and Dark): Darkness, Boss Rush
Starfield 3 (Rosette Nebula): Droid Raid, Comet Chase, Mwteor Storm
Starfield 4 (Perseus Molecular Cloud): Supernova, Boss Rush, Meteor Storm
Starfield 5 (Aglow with Dust): Feather Fields, Comet Chase

Hybrid Missions always randomize the 6 starfields

You do know that CIU is a 2D game right?

You mostly mentioned stuff that works in 3D games.


indeed, but you never know

and hey, might give some ideas

It says “gained” but it’s showing a minus.
And this one doesn’t have a plus or minus.



Likely some rounding issue. Not that it matters.