Question about account deletion

Long time no see guys.
This is just a general question regarding to the Account deletion in CIU.
I’m sure that your account will be deleted after like an year. BUT the deletion part only starts when you try to enter the game after that amount of time.
Lets say that you don’t log into your account after that period. Is there a way that you can remove the automatic timer to delete your account or will IA manually just delete your account(s)?
p.s: I may be wrong with some things here in this post because I haven’t been active this forum / game for quite a time.

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i am not a expert, but it shows a note at the top of changes about users who don´t log in at new updates page

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I know that, My brother had a CIU account on which he had not played for months. It appeared on my friends list until he logged into it and it said something like Stale account, resetting. Then it got deleted. That’s my question


except that

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