CIU version 140 BETA

The poll has decided that bronze, silver and golden coins will be applied to all of CIU contents.

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That’ll take some getting used to.

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Bug: CI5U Stage 11 and Stage 12 cutscene
Humanity’s Greatest Fan sound fades out with victory music when Earth starts to move (but it does fade back in)

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The poll, however, did not say anything about other episodes recreation.

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There Problem in V.140.4 BETA
1.Galaxy for Milky Way CI4UThanksgivings is normal

Make like this

2.CI4UThanksgivings Chicken with Eggcannon

But in CI4Thanksgivings

3.Chicken in CI3UThanksgivings

Make like this
4.Chicken in CI3UEaster

Make like This

That’s All.


How much % did you speed up those waves from “Droid Raid” mission?

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Yes, this all happens automatically.

Essentially, yes (what really happens is that your own translation carries a greater weight, so in cases where there are multiple choices for each phrase, yours prevails).

Practically, what you set for your own translation is what gets downloaded by all other players.

Yes, it’s been applied everywhere.

True, but it doesn’t make sense to have them one way in CI3 and CIU, but a different way in CI4 and CI5

Allowed. Thanksgiving is not sufficiently different to justify the effort. Only Halloween has custom starfield/galaxy.

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that these changes are impractical, because they clash with the “swappable faces” that CIU uses for different breeds.

Some waves are twice as fast, others are +50%

Fixed in v.140.5 :medal_sports: Bug


Ah. I like that those waves from “Droid Raid” mission were speed up. But… I notice that some waves the speed seem like too hard to kill all enemies in times. There are two waves (and also their variant ones) need to be decreased:

  • “Intergalactic Delivery” (and its variant) /“Surrounded by Droids”/“Droid Encirclement”: Descrease the speed for a little (not neccessary to revert or decrease much). It’s fast, but at least Players need to have enough time to destroy those Droid in time and collect all food.

  • Intercepting Deliveries/Delivery Rerouting: Decrease the speed for a half of the current speed in BETA. Since these waves, each “line” will disappear faster than other waves (and also the hell from the Sercurity Droid in “Delivery Rerouting” wave, we also can have enough time to collect all food and kill 4 droids in time. Two these waves isn’t like other waves.

A suggestion for “Droid Highway” wave. I noticed that the highest difficult still keep a little number of Sercurity Droids (3 droids). Higher difficult need more Sercurity Droids in this wave (0-10 droids spread in 0%-140% difficult)

And a question about “Burgermeister” boss: Why the Absolver Beam can’t delete the sauce and the fire?

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whatever. this poll already coins in ci3!

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IA mentioned elsewhere that those attack weren’t cancelable, so beam wouldn’t do a thing on sauce and flame attack. Only destroying its eyes, special weapons (except dpo and amp) or ICBM are able to shut it off.

Changed in v.140.5 :medal_sports: Idea

I’d rather not change the wave as it appears in CI4. What you describe already happens in CIU.

It’s by design.



BETA server will be off-line for the next 15 minutes (approximately)


I think that’s too little?

4 Sercurity Droids in the difficult is 138%. I think it should be 10 Sercurity Droids.

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That’s only in CIU

In CI4U Droid Raid starts at W91 and Highway starts at W95 (aproximately 79%) so why 10 Security Droids?

It’s not CI4U locked at 140%

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v.140 Advance Preview

(temporarily removed)


Game hangs up upon trying to spawn enemies on wave 1 in CI3U.

Credit goes to @tokayatogami20 on Discord for finding out about this and recording it. Will give an update once I got their callsign. According to my sources, their callsign is Tohka Yukigami with a smiley face.

Update: I found out that chickenFace4Red was missing. That’s why it crashes.


It’s not possible to login in the beta version

The game is frozen and nothing can be done

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Not even the background scrolls? You can’t even press X at the top right?

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I think I was still playing CI3U in the beta version on PC. That’s why I can’t enter.