Early Access version 43.2

Yes, it’s fully broken after recording this video :ok_hand:

Yes, its a bug, but, who is going to do this?

this reminds me of:
Acknowleded, won’t fix

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@InterAction_studios Egg splats stay in the same postition after zooming and float in the middle of the screen

I mean, it’s definitely a bizarre bug that’s worth fixing in my opinion, but could you at least write all this in a single reply? There’s no need to make several consecutive replies, each one containing like 1 sentence.

For example you could have easily edited your first reply to add

to it.

It’s possible that this might have been fixed as part of:

Try again in v.44

Ok, so? Either way it’s not worth fixing, don’t they disappear on their own after 1-2 seconds?


This bug fix will break the game (can be abused on extremely hard waves).

It should be changed to simply not allowing the player to use an extra Phase-out while already using it (although I think this might be hard to implement, as the game needs to track what is the next special weapon in the queue).

You can do this even now. You just have to wait until the previous phase-out is almost expired before activating the new one. You might lose 1 second or so (depending on the overlap) from the total duration, but otherwise the “exploit” is already there.


And that doesn’t really sound like an exploit, it’s more of a waste of resources.


Can we make the arrow keys to work so that it controls the mouse pointer to where it can move? I really liked it since CI3.
In addition, explain why you hate this change.
btw, the darth vader’s health on chicken exponentiality is very low compared to henperor’s apprentice on SSH. it needs a little health buff.

Yes, it needs a health buff, like 10%(?).

To sum up, no matter what difficulty you choose, it is very low, even on SSH. (which is supposed to make things harder).
Very obvious when you beat it with absolver beam.

We’re all going to have a bad time.


It was already 15, just for all difficulties.

You mean these 4 pixels?

Now I wonder how did you spot it too ._ .


Umm, I mean that in the next update, when you encounter Shoot The Core boss with Elite difficulty…, you know what’ll happen next.

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:smirk:Jej, hmm, well, but I don’t know too

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No, previously she extracted the texture of Hemperor to convert it on Tails Doll._.
Maybe that

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That was yesterday, i see that before

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Ok i have to say the new Position Stream is damn to good. I tried with the Egg Cannon and no chicken in the first phase were survived after goin out :v