Early Access version 116

Anyway, Why doesn’t coolants give any time penalties in space race? they help the player proceed faster than just overheating.

Because strategy.

What strategy?

Coolants are not as OP as you make it sound like. They’re not special weapons.

I know they are not equal to special weapons. they should give like from 5 to 10 seconds penalty.

iA I suggested these before:

Also here most want Slobs to be removed from “Hairpin Turn” wave:

Can you also show HUD health to Big Chicken from Double Team?

This reminds me suggesting IA, some versions ago, to remove Slobs from the ‘‘Grand Prix’’ wave, but he denied it. I mean, what if we had to go through a group of around 6 Slobs in that wave? Who knows what would happen if we shot them (lots of chicken guano)?

What do you think, @SA-GoldenBoss128 ?

2 things:

  1. Only 1 or 2 Slobs appear in a group so if you can’t kill them you can just avoid them in the 3rd spot.

  2. You have a lot of space to dodge their bullets unlike Hairpin Turn where you sometimes are forced to stay next to them and try your luck.

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Understandable, have a good day.


Another suggestion:
There should be a “Travel by wormhole” option exclusively for wormholes when you click on
“Travel to star system” (Why is it not “travel to wormhole”) for wormholes.

Reason being:

Whenever I’m at a wormhole, and I want to travel to another wormhole, I always look for the one I wanted to go to first, but then I hit “travel to star system” and there isn’t a wormhole hopping option.
So I always have to go back to the wormhole I’m at and scroll through all the options to find what I wanted, which annoys me a lot.

It’s far more often for people to look at where they wanted to go before actually going to it.

PS: not all people would choose to have star names be visible.
I personally choose Exploration progress as it’s far more useful showing that than a buncha random names on the screen.

people were 94% on mine
but people were 50/50 on yours, sooooooooo
too bad

plus your suggestion only has one wave rather than a list of waves so

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Next time, getting extra lives would be a penalty on space race lol

I still don’t get that part though :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Anyway have anyone met Slobs at “Reinforcements” wave when they come from left\right side? Their behavior is strange; they don’t follow the pattern correct + they move too fast. I don’t have a video but I got a pic:

Purple arrows are the correct patterns

(please make sure you encountered Slobs coming from left\right sides and know how they act in Reinforcements wave before voting)
  • Remove Slobs from left\right sides at Reinforcements wave.
  • Nah, they are fine.
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Also I don’t like how pecking order at Eggshell Fields wave got removed while it stays at waves that are way harder, it was making a good challenge to the wave.

Bring pecking order back at Eggshell Fields wave, agree:
  • Yes, it makes a good challenge.
  • No, it’s hard to get.
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I’m sure about that. There was a time i tried to stand far away those chickens in a long time (more than 30s), but they don’t attack to me

But… Argh, nevermind. Forget it.

Maybe mostly guys don’t take a look in this but… I see something wrong about the breed chicken with ability attack to the player (i mean, a target)
Simple i try to do my experiment between Phoenix and Chiller. At that day, i were suprised about Phoenix because it didn’t attack to me correctly. Yes, the fireball had been out of the target.
I also tried again with Chiller and UFO Chicken after few days, and they didn’t, too.
So idk is this a bug or deliberately??

Main menu theme should match the theme you’re using (I’m using black but it should match your color theme)

While you’re on the main menu screen, you can’t apply your own theme since you aren’t logged into an account.


I didn’t realize there was a specific poll against it. I’ve kept them in for that wave.

Medal shared.

It’s included.

Too messy. I don’t want to deal with it.

This is a natural consequence of how they always lag behind in formations. I’ve disabled them. Changed in v.117 :medal_sports: Idea

It’s intended. Neither Chiller nor Phoenix perfectly target the player.


You mean it will be included in the next version? Because right now it works at Show’em who’s boss, Chicken Multiplicity but not during Double Team.

Also why you shared the medal to Baron, lol:

And what about Slob poll:

Yes. In v.117 it should appear everywhere.


Removed in v.117