Early Access version 118

fok keyboard.

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Are you sure about that?

There can be a 5 waves mission and could be unobtainble in. whatever the price of this medal is very worthless.

you mean by notifications? well the people who were quoted will be notified.

it was removed due to some portals appearing from bottom.

Well wasn’t UCO#1 and #4 used to fire the red beam next to the player but by some distance?

iA answered me lmao

Why don’t you try to stand on their head?

There’s no wave for IA to add this idea.

@InterAction_studios Sorry if this is a stupid question: When will we have the 5th satellite?



Did he announce a fifth satellite?

Is there’s no add music CIU victory? @InterAction_studios

Players who are inactive for a long time should automatically be logged out of Dare system? @InterAction_studios


Distorted poll.

whoops the pool went broken


Don’t think that’ a problem. The problem is the medal just makes no sense to add whatsoever.

I think what dude meant to say was: Automatically log people out of Dare system if they have met the requirements for account deletion, but they have paid for an item.

they will also keep their dare points and leaderboard rank

This is already a given if you’ve been logged out of the Dare system, though you won’t appear in the Leaderboards.

didn’t know that, thanks for informing!

Anyways, suggestion:
If you got a Squadron License, but haven’t officially made it a squadron yet (via renaming), the squadron in question shouldn’t appear in your “Assigned Squadrons” list.

I bought an extra Squadron License from a Dealer in case I wanted to make yet another one of those squadrons, and seeing that unofficial squadron at the top every time is annoying.
It’s not even an official squadron yet, why is it up there?

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bruh, you should say what you meant. The title is still confusing being left like that.
“Players who are inactive for a long time should automatically be logged out of Dare system” or something like that is enough. And it’s more obvious, which won’t cause extra replies.


sorry let me edit it quickly