CIU version 140

Bug ?
When I change color “advanced color selection” , then my all strobe lights stop blinking(if I hold hue or saturation or brightness) , just one light turns on.

When I holds , then:

when I not holds then all light blinks properly

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Could you please check this:

Also, I noticed that since CI3U has been added in this version, the amount of health for clothes to be ejected from Sweater Chicken boss has been adjusted (which means, the first few clothes have lower health, while the later ones have higher health, like in CI3), instead of being a constant amount of health. Same goes for the Blast from the Past boss, its health has been adjusted for its first few stages of gaining new purple bullets have lower health, while the later ones have higher health. I noticed this got applied in Boss Rushes and Double Teams as well. Is this normal that it’s applied in these missions as well? Isn’t it’s supposed to be applied in CI3U only?

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It’s intended, every other mounted hardpoints will reset their animations once there’s a modification.


collision bug ?
see the collision of my weapon on egg cannon .

Even If I use positron, or plasma rifle .

Egg Cannon (and pretty much all of the pre-CIU and most CIU enemies) has several circular hit areas. The deviation of those circles from the boss image is what you see.

Is there could be exist in list of “Hardpoints” or new list of “exhausts”?

look it’s a same as kAPET before in CIU version 139.

I asked iA about it and he said it’s Allowed.

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I think is exhausts only.

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Good suggestion but I’m waiting for IA to answer me (if you get this right).

simple suggestion:

give the bosses in the episode dlcs their original episode score values upon defeat

e.g: 75,000 for mysterious ship, 150,000 for egg city, 250,000 for uco 3, etc etc.

this will not affect normal missions. its only for the episode dlcs

below are the boss score values for each episode (except ci2):


Prologue: 10,000

U.C.O. Encounter (uco 1): 25,000

Blast from the Past: 50,000

It gets Cold in Space (sweater 1): 75,000

Another U.C.O. Sighting! (uco 2): 100,000

A mysterious ship approaches…: 75,000

Congratulations, they’re Twins!: 100,000 per Boss Chicken (there’s 2)

Close Encounters… (uco 3): 250,000

Is it hot in here? (sweater 2): 300,000

Attack of the Clones!: 100,000 per Boss Chicken (there’s 4)

U.C.O. Approaching! (uco 4): 500,000

You can leave your hat on! (sweater 3): 500,000

The Yolk-Star™!: 1,000,000 for the shell, 400,000 for the yolk


Show 'em who’s boss! (Superchick): 25,000

Giant Robotic Space Crab (crab 1): 80,000

It’s the Mother-Hen Ship!: 50,000 for the yolk, 800 per shell piece (131,600 score in total)

Twice Infinity: 40,000 per Infinichick

Attack of the Giant Crab (crab 2): 100,000

Planetary Egg City: 150,000

The Alien Mothership: 2,500 per piece (212,500 in total)

Shoot the Core!: 100,000 (not counting barriers)

The King of Crabs (crab 3): 400,000

The Iron Chef: 25,000 (yeeeeah, the boss scores in CI4 go all over the place.)

Chicken Multiplicity: 200,000 for the Superchick, 100,000 per Infinichick, 50,000 per Boss Chicken

Egg Cannon Confrontation: 100,000 (it’s underwhelming indeed. perhaps iA missed a 0?)


Henterprise Hencounter: 25,000

Special Forces: 50,000

It’s Party Time!: 75,000

Terror from the Deep: 100,000

The Henperor’s Apprentice: 140,000

Heart of Darkness: 120,000

Boldly Goes Wherever it Pleases: 180,000

Ice Cubed: 1,000 per cube (200,000 in total. there’s 200 cubes)

Brothers Reunited: 125,000 for Special Forces and It’s Party Time

Giant Robotic Space Crab v2.0: 275,000

Fly the Coop: 300,000

Hend Game: 1,000,000


in this color theme of high bar color bug (destruction,heat and rankings) guess not complete in dark phase still light brightier with low bars of menu customization.

but in-game always in color theme complete.

My suggestion : Make this blue projectile to go to back layer and make the droid to go to front layer of screen.
currently :

Intended. This is effected by Pro-gamer Mode. Try turn off it.

@InterAction_studios may be you should cap this ?

What does that do its not useful

Cap from “capitalise”, I suppose.

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:woozy_face: hmmm

it hurt my eye