Early Access version 112

I mean take dazziling coordination or any other wave that has big space as an example of epic waves. All of those waves have a lot of space to fly around and dodge bullets.

Elites are banned from this wave.

That’s…not an epic wave, lol.

You mean minibosses? Since which version? Did I miss something again?

I would like to protest that I suggested that back in v109 with a poll and it got declined by many people.

Uh…Isn’t epic waves supposed to include elites?

Some guy told me that.


nobody said that but its rare to have one since most of the time we only get to see palpitating grid

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Ah, goddamnit. That’s the wave I was talking about. I forgot the 2nd variant of pulsating grid was renamed to that. Anyways, point still stands.

Minibosses. Anyways dazzling coordination is easy as hell no matter what you get in it. Not what I’d consider epic. Epic waves should kill you easily, that’s the whole reason why we started calling them epic waves in the early days. Dazzling coordination is not epic.

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Clip of it happening.


Okay, correction:cowards, toxics and slobs are banned from both of the grid waves, from what I’ve been told. But chickenauts, armored chickens and such are still allowed to spawn here. Therefore pulsating grid can be an epic wave.

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looks like next update will have many things nerfed :>

Unless for party time.

This is caused because one of the servers has prematurely assigned next 4-week cycle’s rarities.

Fixed in v.113 :medal_sports: Bug

In low detail, each explosion has only 3 particles. I can’t go lower than that.

There are two, but I’ll need to take one down tonight because of some issues.

Medal shared. Be aware that the current buff is significantly easier (infrequent) than what you proposed, however.

Ok, I see now. It’s more pronounced the faster the enemies move (because the Slobs have a hard time keeping up). I could delay enemy deletion, but that’s going to slow down every single other case just to fix this one, so… acknowledged, won’t fix.


Can the green laser from the U.C.O move faster in higher dificulties?

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It already does


@InterAction_studios seems like you missed some DMs I sent to you, I sent you two but you didn’t see them (One of them is a question about CIU, and another is an important report)

(This one contains the link to the important dm lol)

I did not expect that

I dont wanna be an ass but, I’d like to have a medal too, i helped haian find this bug


It could, but “faster” sometimes makes things easier. This is one of those cases.

No, I don’t think so.

Medal shared.

It’s clear from the bug report that two players were involved.


I’ve noticed that every time the ‘‘Rematch!’’ wave begins, the footballs always start from the same spots. Can you vary that, IA?

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Say less

Hours before reporting, telling haian about what’s going on, the video he made it’s his perspective on the heroware


Fair enough. I should have scrolled up, I guess.