CIU version 139

not a bug but rather frame perfect

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Lol i mean when i fire boron it fires normaly but when i paused the game it showed boron fired from underneath the spacecraft

It’s still frame perfect.
When Boron works normally, its metalloid shards gets hidden and then gradually revealed as they get out of the barrel (texture-wise). Pausing at the correct frame allows them not to get hidden, therefore exposing way beneath the spacecraft.

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Why ?

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Try logging in again, it might be a network problem. Happened to me many times.


This is already reported:


Seriously again because failed seems unknown more times 1000x

Adding Halloween decorations can look like the CI4 Easter Egg Cannon. That is adding thorny vines of ghost pumpkin to wrap around the laser cannon. Choose 1 of 3 colors of Thorny Vines as follows: Dark green, purple and black. In cutscene it can be quite visible.

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If it’s possible, when the Episodes are fully implemented into the game down the line, we could have one of the planets in CI5 be part of a Hybrid Mission. Just like how rare a Boss Rush is in a Hybrid Mission, it can be the same for the planet stages. It can spice things up a lot for Weeklies and KO matches.

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Should increase the price by 500 keys for 1 callsign name change


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give me your keys if you really have no better way to spend them

give the reason


Where are the turkeys? I’m using Thanksgiving theme and only small turkeys are shown:

You can’t change Regular Chicken into Turkey in CIU Thanksgiving if there is no distinction between Regular🟡/Freckled🔴/Sergeant🟢 breed.

Certain wave titles were changed as a result of introducing CI4U into the game. Those changes will also be visible in CIU. There is no bug here (unless the wave titles you see in the preview do not match what you see during the mission)


If planetary missions (or mission stages) are ever introduced in CIU, they’ll need to be randomly-generated. This precludes re-using any of the CI5 planetary missions.


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