CIU version 140 BETA

Sounds like both versions are missing assets. I’ve changed the seasonal content and it still crashed.

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Lets wait till IA see this

Let me see Well… It crashes when wave 3 begins but the good news is that i still can sign in to my account and save the rest of the galaxy :smiley:

Well good thing that i still have beta v140.3 form my pc thats how i made it to comet chase chapter before electricity cuts off ma face!

Yeah, the balloon chickens still depend on the CI4 wad. Once again, Tohka found this first and posted it to CI Discord.

You were playing CI4 in the beta, which has been removed from the official v.140 release.

You’ll need to surrender the mission immediately (before it crashes). If there’s not enough time, use the BETA to surrender it.

Yes. The game is calculating the font effects. I’ll look into improving this, however. Changed in v.140.7 :medal_sports: Idea

Fixed in v.140.7 :medal_sports: Bug

After the crash on wave 1, I naturally checked all waves TWICE and they ran just fine, but clearly I missed this because WHY???


It crashed right before I could login, so literally there’s no time for me to surrender (unless I kept the older BETA).
Bad luck for me, then. :woman_facepalming:

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I’ve reset your mission. The link to the BETA is still valid, you can always re-download it and fix your mission that way.



v.140 Advance Preview

The official release is very close now, and to (hopefully) catch any last-minute problems, I am providing advance preview builds of the stand-alone and Android versions of the game.

:warning: Before you install them, however, read through the following notes:

  • These are the final builds (exactly the same as will eventually become public), however until the new version is officially released, they will still connect to the BETA server. This means that any progress you make using these versions will eventually be lost.

  • They will overwrite any existing previous version installation you have.

  • If you install them but then wish to go back to playing ‘officially’, you must re-install the previous version on top.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues.


Android (32-bit):


This is third time post of version 140 beta.

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I was see Now the game old verison 140.6.0 is error in wave 3

But now i download v.140.7.0 BETA

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Thanks :grin:

Let just pray for nothing wrong happened.


For sure.

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Is no errors in version 140.7.0?

In v140.7 it’s still the exact same file as it was in 140.3, with incorrect glyph names:


In CI3U, the game might lag a bit when starting a new wave, the lag might also cuz to freeze your game or even worse (in my opinion) make the spacecraft unresponsive to my touches and I can’t even pause the game at that moment… I honestly don’t know what causing it since it’s happening randomly at the beginning of the waves.

(I’m using an android device)

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In the Intro cutscene the is bit too smaller than the egg splat

Indeed. This is actually a texture problem, originating back when resolutions were doubled (HQ2X). This one wasn’t properly doubled, for some reason.

Fixed in v.141 :medal_sports: Bug


I think this topic is ended for test BETA version.