Early Access version 108

Copyright issues, alas.

Idea: Customize M408 - H&C 301 from double engines into single engine (Request CHL).
(yes Ik this idea will have a high chance disagree)

And this too, i kinda want this thing into the game

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@InterAction_studios Regarding Dr.Breaker

Can you decrease the amount of blue potions he throws and make papers easier to push? those things can get the player stuck and then dead so easily


there is no ci soundtrack on spotify :<

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already change in v109

I think not, because it isn’t in the iA website.


What? This is how it’s designed.

Changed in v.109 :medal_sports: Idea

No, you already have over a two-second warning to get out of the zone.


No, the potions form specific “safe” areas between them.

Has already been done


I mean yes there are safe areas away from the potions but they are blocked due to Papers and other potions functioning. so the player will get stuck and killed

IA, Can you remove eggshells and knots from Feather Brain because I think they only fit Easter edition ?

That would require him to render its body again so it’s not worth it
not that I don’t like those details anyway


Bug: When I was playing Multiplayer, We were in the Giant Robotic Space Crab 2.0, When it was throwing suns, on the third sun it stopped for like half a second then threw it.

that’s common, not just on multi, if it’s considered normal

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Shouldn’t the CIU image in interactionstudios.com’s main page have a shadow like the other images?

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How would these musics have been called if they had been added to the Galactic Store?

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Doesn’t the heatzone eat all the applied coolants in a second because of that? Kinda unfair if you ask me

I hardly think an eggshell or a bow tie is specific to Easter.

This is expected in high-lag multiplayer games.

The shadows are implemented using hard-coded images, so it’s not worth it.

It eats one every second. To avoid this, get out of the overheat zone :smirk:


@InterAction_studios ,

Since Dr. Beaker’s head becomes his hitbox at 80% (after breaking the four potions on his body, excluding minions), is it possible to add an animation of his eyeglasses shattering once he reaches 90%, or 80% along with the fourth potion that breaks?..

Also, here’s an idea you haven’t replied to:


can’t you just put “box-shadow” in the css and call it a day?


Idea: Add Safe Zone in Windshield Wipers Wave