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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Just joking …

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as difficulty rate it’s easy thou

@Flame_Spacecraft @Mohamed2 no exist there cut off the electric?

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officially there is cut off the electric
but there is no cut off the electric in a lot of places
I think the cut off the electric will return again

what is your callsign
mine is Mohamedömar

In nickname, plus an name real: don’t know who I am :smirk:

And you didn’t see the post:

finally, except it won’t off today for 30m

A friendly reminder :upside_down_face:

My birthday starts in 5 days! Get ready! :partying_face:

Will you join if I hosted a small party in a space burger?

  • Yes (appreciate it!)
  • No (understandable)
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If you chose yes then… Travel to Schedius!

I might also host some multiplayer games if you guys want to join.

I am ready for them. :sunglasses:

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Time to torture your phone ehehehe.

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Host ironman :rofl:

I will come only I must get some fuel

I don’t understand what you mean
I just wanted your callsign in the game to add you in my contacts



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Does anyone else remember me?


I’ll add you first.

Update: Added

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