Early Access version 81

Don’t forget to say from what difficulty they’ll appear?

And since everybody is reposting their old waves, might as well do mine too:

Especially “The Magic Star”.

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I would repost my other wave here but, no. Not telling why.

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New waves! Quick thoughts based on the suggestions:

  • I don’t actually understand the Yin/Yang wave. It sounds confusing.
  • Gladiator sounds like a fun challenge. Will be interested to see how it’s adapted. Also, @Star_Light, I seriously, unironically would love to know what software you used to make that wave suggestion video.
  • Um, “Among Us” sounds interesting. I will be interested to seeing how this is adapted to higher difficulties (unless it’s only a low difficulty wave). I am looking forward to a wave that forces assassins though because they’re so rare, and when they do spawn in tends to be in a frustrating wave - hopefully there will be enough here for it to be a fun mission. I can’t think of any chicken puns for the name, but I think it would benefit from that. Even “Impostor” would probably be a bit better - I’ve got no issues with the reference, but I think it ought to be more subtle.
  • Intergalactic delivery sounds cool. I like it. Could be a more challenging wave in an otherwise very easy mission type. I am going to predict that “Guaranteed” delivery means there will be security droids (although I guess it could just mean two droids instead of one).
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no, u

Looks like droids are gonna be in chicken invasion missions or maybe a new wave for droid
raid mission?

Probably the later, though I’d actually be open to either possibility given the theme of the wave…

since we have chicken highway,droid highway
then why not retro highway
more about this:

give this to @darkchan
he is one who suggested it first

If no difficulty is mentioned then it’s easy to assume these missions appear at random, no matter the mission difficulty.

Yes. I don’t understand how it works.

Just used PowerPoint and photo shop.
PowerPoint is so helpful.

I’ll be one of them today [in among us]
But seriously, why wave named among us?

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Don’t know. This message lasts for one week, and is deleted after you read it (however, it won’t disappear until the next time you log in)

This only happens momentarily while the wave appears. And FYI lightning is prevented from crossing the center of the screen, so you’re safe.

It already ‘contains’ something. Besides, how often would that make a difference? Containers aren’t that common.

It’s just a big circle of chickens in the shape of a yin yang. Don’t forget that waves are sometimes only loosely based on the original idea (for technical or other reasons)


Is the wave “Among Us” in the shape of a crewmate

pls say yes

Sorry to make you sad but

Chicken in disguise: This wave would use bandana chicks and assasin chicks, the amount of assasin chicks will depend on the difficulty.

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It would be a shame if iA not add quip “That chick is acting suspicious!” For among us wave

Do we REALLY need that? It’s already cringe enough xD

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thats the point

So there is a possibility that assassin chicks will appear in lower difficulties because of that among us wave

Even just one assassin chick in lower diffs

No it isn’t enough. Let’s go FULL OUT. When the Among Us wave comes in, all music stops, except for Astronomia which plays bass boosted to the max. And then when you shoot the impostor chicken, the among us kill sound effect plays at 500 volume, and then four coffin dance boss chickens appear and then Astronomia gets even louder, and then big chungus comes in and


Im gonna stop you right there