Early Access version 67

Look Is My Game Dude

That’s actually what we suggested and expected


Can confirm

No, it’s Chicken Quadrants.

No, I didn’t, I played Ironman and saw it on other waves too.

But why tho? It’s the most fun part and it’s not that hard too. At least increase the chance a little bit because like this they are very rare. Comet Chase is much harder and it appears more, I’ll poll it:

Should Boss Rush have a bigger chance to appear at Weekly Challenge:
  • Yeah.
  • No.
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Also at Ironman: Blast from the Past & Mysterious Ship doesn’t appear 100% well. They should move down from the top, but no, part of it just appear at the top which doesn’t make much sense. I know it’s because of the zoom-out but can you do something about it?

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iA, more visual stuff: can you add the opponent’s spacecraft that they’re flagshipping in the dare/result section?

And if it’s possible, can you also add it in the contacts? Doing like this will give more a profile stuff.


What about number of waves?

Unnecessary, almost all dares are 10 waves and boss rush are 5 waves unless iA adds in wave length.

incoming suggestion

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Sorry, no can do. I tried changing that, but the chickens would overlap in the wrong order (heads would be hidden behind other enemies)

The :small_red_triangle: icon will disappear once you mess up by killing out-of-order. On “Play both sides” all enemies are strung together in one long sequence, so it’s very easy to miss. Besides, the way they spawn makes Pecking Order all but impossible.

Fixed in v.68 :medal_sports: Bug

Good idea, but that would require downloading spacecraft data from the server en masse (because not all players are visible to you in the galaxy), so I’m worried about the bandwidth cost. Still, I’ve made a note.


Okay, but why Bubble Rings’ order is reveresd at this update:

Idk about Chicken Rings.

That was to make Pecking Order viable, but I now see it has created problems. Fixed in v.68 :medal_sports: Bug


In the message you can put the symbol of the friendly matches or at least that appears written that it is to be able to differentiate them.



Yeah, instead of that punch.


That is not friendly, it is a lot of violence


that is a fist bump for saying good luck lol

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@InterAction_studios at 2 wave from Weekly Challenge (Visitors from another Dimensions) after I got the last Pecking Order the last portal immediately disappeared.

I guess it’s just a new feature to make it faster (?)

It didn’t do any smoke when disappearing, so I think it’s not intended.

If the game is not receiving any data (Aka you’re going to disconnect soon), can the game display a symbol to warn the player about it? Like a “Slow Net” or “Reconnecting…”?


Changed in v.68 :medal_sports: Idea

Fixed in v.68 :medal_sports: Bug

Firstly, not receiving any data is not an indication that you’re about to be disconnected (there may not be any data to send). Secondly, say that such a warning did appear. What are you going to do about it? It’s out of your control.

Yes, bug. Has been fixed.


iA, can you add 2 more anomaly zones in Panzer Strike? That way, getting the pecking order would be easier on that wave.