Early Access version 38

Um, I haven’t received the idea medal yet…
My in-game username is “Test Pilot #2002” without quotes.

then you won’t receive it. your name in forum must match in-game name.

You can dm IA

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As @trueuser said, you choice is to dm @InterAction_studios.

@InterAction_studios what about this bug?:

it seems since this update came, LF has a visual bug.
When i kill a boss with it, and go to the right, the left laser goes to the previous hitbox for a brief moment.
Happens when using it against blast from the past.
Same happens when going to the left and the right laser goes to the previous hitbox for a brief moment.

Ok, found out what’s going on. It’s technically not the same wave – it’s a different variation of the Egg Cannon. Wave 1 has SSH difficulty 44%, wave 2 has 55%. Above 50% the Egg Cannon’s second variation starts appearing.

Egg Cannon and Henterprise variations are not lumped together (only the Crab is). If I recall correctly, this was requested so you can fight them more than once in a given mission.

So, won’t fix. But your original medal stands, because the appearance probability did indeed have a problem.

@Recruit_75 I’ll award your medal now.

@minasameh Already fixed


Srry if this question sound rare but, some one seen the first Space Crab in harder missions?


@InterAction_studios when I pause the game during a Multi-kill the Multi-kill ends immediately can you fix it ?

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reported from @trueuser before.

I did not report it lol

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you said “i like to pause the game each time” and i heard a multi-kill bonus sound.

I did not like it.
Yes, I played the game pausing repaidly, but I did not notice the bug.
It was v.36 so don’t count

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They already said that multi-kill can’t be easily implemented (time can’t be easily tracked) while pausing the game, so the multi-kill does not apply (also because the player doesn’t deserve it because they are taking a break while looking at the screen).

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What if you do this?

that’s what i meant.

I think pausing should disable the multi-kill bonus entirely for the rest of the wave.

this is stupid idea.

@InterAction_studios sometimes i will select resume using the mouse, and it would move the mouse to where i clicked resume. is this bug acknowledged?
if so, could you please fix it?
i died on a comet chase because the comet was behind the resume button.

I think it’s this one: