Early Access version 62

Oh, my bad.

But their ships?
and this?

I’d say they kinda fit the description.

:warning: @2sN: Your game account will be banned for 1 month for violation of the Terms of Service, starting with the v.63 update. Until then you should rename your fleet appropriately, because if any player complains again, you will be permanently banned.


They’re definitely related. But I have to treat this as an independent occurrence because the evidence is not conclusive.


… It’s not? I thought that the general consensus is that it has become forks V2 because of its damage output.
Anyway, I already gave my thoughts on this in the WBP thread. I wanted it to perform better against bosses, but buffing the base damage makes it too OP for regular waves (and it was pretty dumb of me to even suggest this particular buff in the first place). So in accordance with OWL’s suggestion: nerf the damage, buff the overheat. Then we can worry about lesser balance issues like clearing feathers, see if it’s still a significant enough problem.

@InterAction_studios Sorry for ping but

I’m doing legal stuff

And I’m sure I’m not the only guy who suggested this…maybe

“God dammit Goldenboss stop stealing ideas” -RamonTokus, 2020


*sign* as I said before I didn’t mean to steal it, I just suggested it when I thought it was necessary. Just like how @Star_Light suggested Gatling Guns to drop chicks when destroyed and it was suggested before. That doesn’t mean he stole it because he thought of it by his own. And if you didn’t suggest it first, then we both should get the medal.

Why iA accept some stuff after they’ve been suggested A LOT? Although I knew he saw’em before like the mirrored Party Time


Sorry, force of habit. I can’t find a better quote.

but you liked my suggestion makes you sus


I don’t remember everything you know. I’m a human.


Fair, you’re not a youkai after all (Pls end me I keep littering my speech with references)

V Reply to the bottom post: okay stop this is not chatting place

Say less:


Thanks from original ship but copied ship on 2019 thanks users Orandza,BCMediaPlayer,Nikito,Emerald
because i deleted from Nov 2020

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My Old Callsign BlasterXUltimate every EA V20

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what are you even doing

Can I get my Medal Medal now?


Can we have a wave just like out of nowhere for droid raid mission with name “droid’s nowhere”?
Something like the below picture


why i can’t play CIU with wifi ?

the second line gray and then

this happened for all of my accounts
i made i guest account too and did not worked

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So It’s Worked By Me

It’s because a weak connection

but it worked with mobile’s network

Probably provider issue. Where are you from?