Early Access version 75

and original waves are just getting more rarer (not mirrored waves)

If the attack Kaizo suggested will be mirrored why not the other one too?

And why did you all attacked me again? Kaizo’s the one who suggested originally?

iA could you not disable double cheeto Egg Cannon? Or at least make it from 110% or 120% difficulty? There’s stuff worse than it for example the gaps between purple lasers at Hend Game phase 5 are too small for BX-9(I don’twant to nerf anything I’m just saying an example). Actually today’s my birthday and I want to not disable double cheetos as a gift.

Another question: is Space Crab V2.0 resized at Double Team? If it’s resized bring it back to it’s original size because it’s the last bosses at Double Team that needs size increase.

How about other mission types like Squwak Block, Feather Feilds, Meteor Storm, Supernova and Comet Chase have more than 1 stage? Because they have more than 1 boss so it’ll be interesting. All of them could have till 3 stages except Squwak Block can have till 4 because it’s until 1x20 duration long.

Don’t do this to Retro & Droid Raid missions because they both have 1 type of boss and Retro is an end-game content as you said before.

yea i already know that but why would you suggest it
you already got like 10 idea medals in one topic just because of the mirror waves
we already got ALOT of confusion in the waves nowadays

I’m sorry, should I just stop suggesting and wait for somebody else to do that?

That topic with yes mirrored waves? I only got 1 idea medal for all those mirrored waves(I said that yes times b4).

I don’t think a mirrored boss would effect normal CI waves, it’ll probably effect bosses order at most, and again Kaizo suggested it first not me this time, I just added to the suggestion.

He said he will.


Really? Where? It is still striked at Known bugs & new features. My mistake above, I change it to redo.

Another off-topic question: what was the last double team at Ironman? I couldn’t make it to the end.

Imagine if iA increased ucho’s size to x2 or x3 and then we’d be fighting a gaint ucho. I wanna see the look on Donny’s face, lol.

This is a joke suggestion.


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No need

Why no need? What’s the difference that makes it unnecessary?

Tips that are only applicable to keyboard/joystick/mouse/touch are problematic (not to mention tips that need to dynamically insert a key name). I could modify the initial tutorial mission to mention this, however it seems like too much of an advanced control to be mentioned that early.

Come to think of it, I’ve changed the “fix”. I’ve restored the keyboard speed to its original slower value, and just make sure that it doesn’t speed up in massive environments. Sure, this way keyboard would be slower than mouse, but keyboard is always slower than mouse anyway, so not much is lost.

Not easily.

I don’t follow. Where will this glow appear?

Happy Birthday. No.

No, it’s not.


I think he means in the corners, as it happens in Key Rushes, where there’s a golden glow

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Thanks, iA and it’s okay, I got tons other gifts here anyway :wink:

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Kinda cringe bro.


Could you look into these suggestions for double team, IA?

Apparently if CIU had a new boss theme, this could be an option for double team and the new bosses. But IA probably dont want to bother hiring 2db for that, which costs money.

You don’t say, would’ve been worse if I celebrate it.

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iA, how about graze/stand near projectiles in Double Team (Ironman is exception) gives points? (it makes sound tô)

  • yes
  • no
  • neutral

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if you want, how much will it be?
  • 1 pts/sec
  • 10 pts/sec
  • 20 pts/sec
  • 50 pts/sec
  • 100 pts/sec
  • 200 pts/sec
  • 500 pts/sec
  • 1000 pts/sec
  • 2000 pts/sec
  • 5000 pts/sec
  • big chicken pts/sec
  • your amount (reply)

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1500 or 2500, just bc idk