Early Access version 66

Actually yes, it’s too easy. I can finish it in the 1st 10 seconds, so it doesn’t really count as Double Team if you’re only fighting 1 boss.

The harder the better. 1 is easy, 2 is normal, 3 is too much. I’m asking for normal.

Normally, at this point I’d go into a 10,000-word rant about excessively catering to the elite players at the expense of the newcomers , but this is Ironman… :thinking:

The only thing I don’t like about 3 Bosses is that it makes “Double Team” inaccurate. Perhaps keep it as a single Big Chicken, but increase its health?


I’d say buff his health a bit (+50% would do) and make it shoot more eggs.

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Like Crazy Squawker. Faster and more.

Ok :frowning:

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does it appears with contacts ?

Changed in v.67 :medal_sports: Idea

You mean whether contact asterisks are also affected? Yes.


Can you add that option iA?

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Could you in next version add chatting place in the game It will be easy to chat with contacts during game run ?

Suggested A L O T and rejected too.

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I just request respectfully

And I answer R E S P E C T F U L L Y too.

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Why are angry with me ? I made a mistake to request this feature?

Ok as you all want

Bruh, I’m just J O K I N G. Now Imma stop cause I’m going off-topic.

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No, it’s good you want this feature, don’t worry.

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I am crying now

Does my topics disturb the forum ?

Please continue crying at 🗨 Chatting place - #8969

No, as long as you don’t make too many.

On the other news I wish there was a zoomed-out version of Yolk Star™, and I don’t want the original one be removed. Don’t get me wrong

actually, triple threat isn’t a bad wave title for 3 bosses