Early Access version 93

Can Infiniti-chick boss in boss Twice Infinity can go counter-clockwise?

Aready suggected but I think it’s not necessary.

Also I just notice about the sun direction while I was fighting Henterprise (Boldly goes wherever it pleases).

The key grow looks like it glitch, and it also happen to my spacecraft:

Sounds like your graphics are faulty.

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I have a new cpu with 3G 64bit win 7. But why this happen?

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I have Intel core 2 duo and CIU running fine

Yes! I know that.I’m not telling you to block skill for host.
I mean block it for guests in mission config of multiplayer(this video)



(raspberry out of hilarity)

It seems to me that this is the second time you’ve sent this video

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Yes I do
Because I think IA did not watch it (That’s why IA didn’t get my meant)

Also shouldn’t double team missions be unplayable for persons who doesn’t have chl in multiplayer? I mean I still can play it when I don’t have a licence.

it’s already unplayable, IA block it from version 92 i think



The sun doesn’t change position in the middle of a wave (can you image what that would look like with anomaly zones?

Looks like a graphics driver glitch. See if there’s an update,

Ah, right. Changed in v.94 :medal_sports: Idea

They should be unplayable since v.92. Did you try it with a recent version?


Added to v.94 :medal_sports: Idea


I think the partial mission shouldn’t drop win rate.

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Well, no. It was playable in v91 and haven’t noticed it was fixed in new version. (I still haven’t downloaded v93).

yes. Hope @InterAction_studios fix this

I’ll do this in v.95


Fixed in v.95 :medal_sports: Idea